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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3190 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3190 Start

Later, Sara said to Philip: “Dad, you turn off the light first, and then turn it on after we finish blowing the candle!”

Philip hurriedly turned off the lights in the box, Sara opened the door to the room and got out mysteriously.

After a while, she gently opened the door, and walked in with a food delivery truck. On top of the food truck, there was a big cake with five layers.

From the 1st to the 4th layer of this cake, 6 candles are inserted in each layer, and the top layer has 3 candles, a total of 27.

What surprised Charlie was that on the top layer of the cake, two very very realistic dolls were made with fondant.

What surprised him, even more, was that the two puppets were a little boy and a little girl.

The boy was a little older, about five or six years old, and the girl was a little bit younger, about three or four years old.

The clothes of these two are very chronological, at least 20 years from this time.

However, even though they were dressed 20 years ago, it can still be seen that the clothes on both of them are very elegant and meticulous.

The poses of these two people are also very interesting. The boy stands in place, and the girl who is obviously shorter on the side is holding the boy’s arm shyly.

Looking closely at the two people’s expressions, they are also very vivid.

The boy’s expression at this time is somewhat dull.

Even a little at a loss, but the girl looked very happy, laughing like a flower.

When Charlie looked at these two lovely dolls, he had had a feeling of deja vu, but he couldn’t remember exactly where he had seen it.

At this time, Sara beside him looked at Charlie with a smile, and asked, “Charlie, do you see these two children familiar?

Charlie nodded repeatedly and said, “I’m familiar, and very familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen it all at once.”

Lenan on the side smiled and said, “Silly boy, isn’t this just you and the girl? This is when you two were young, and it’s your 6th birthday!”