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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3189 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3189 Start

Charlie looked at the three people who were at least five or six years younger physically, mentally, and by appearance, and he was particularly relieved.

After the death of his parents, he has been alone and has never experienced the feeling of having a family.

After marrying Claire, Charlie had a family, but then that family treated him at that time, it was really much worse than outsiders.

Except for his wife Claire who regarded him as a family member, no one else had any. What should a family look like?

Even though his mother-in-law and father-in-law have a very good attitude towards him, he knew very well in his heart that he had exchanged various benefits and favors.

Compared with Philip’s family, it was naturally ten thousand miles worse.

After all, the feelings of Philip’s family of three are from the bottom of the heart, without any interest elements, this is the real and pure family.

Seeing that the mental state of their family has been greatly improved, Charlie smiled slightly:

“Uncle, Auntie, and Sara, this glass of water just now should be able to maintain your current physical state for at least three to five years.”

“During this period of time, your body’s resistance will surpass that of most people, and you will basically not get sick.”

Speaking of this, he added: “But you still have to pay attention to the combination of work and rest.”

“Don’t let yourself become busier and more tired just because your body is getting better.”

The family of three nodded in unison. Lenan wiped away the tears and said soberly:

“Charlie, don’t worry, I and your Uncle, will definitely put the combination of work and rest first in our routine in the future. Otherwise, would we not disappoint This gift…”

Philip also sighed: “That’s right, health is the most important thing!”

Charlie said with a gratified smile: “You two have this knowledge, then I’m so happy.”

As he was talking, Orvel knocked on the door and said, “Master, Miss Gu’s cake is ready. Would you like me to bring it in now?”

Charlie was about to speak, Sara hurriedly said, “Don’t worry!”

After speaking, she quickly said to Charlie: “Charlie, wait for me, I will check if there is any problem with the cake!”