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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3187 Free Novel

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The physical function of the average person begins to decline gradually from the age of 20, especially for professional athletes.

The peak state of 16 or 17 is the best, and this peak state is maintained for five years at most, and then it begins to slowly decline.

The main reason for this is the overall decline of physical functions.

Although this decline is slow for ordinary people, if you take five years as a node, you can still feel a huge difference.

At the age of twenty-five, he could run five kilometers in one breath, but at thirty, he might not be able to run three kilometers.

And she is now recovering to the state she was in a few years ago at an extremely fast speed. This feeling shocked her to the core.

Philip and Sara were also watching Lenan’s state closely.

They will not know what kind of huge changes Lenan’s body has undergone for a while, but what they can see is that her complexion has soon become radiant.

The most amazing thing is that the small crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes began to disappear quickly, and the nasolabial lines continued to fade, and it seemed that she is several years younger.

With excitement, Sara stepped forward to hug her mother, choked up and said: “Mom…you became so young!”

Philip couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Lenan, you really are a lot younger!”

Lenan raised her head to look at the coated privacy glass in the box, through the light refracted by the coating, looking at herself in it.

She was shocked to speak for a while, and then her eyes were filled with tears unknowingly.

So that the reflection on the glass became blurred.

Philip hurried forward and gently embraced her, while she fell directly on Philip’s shoulder and sobbed silently.

He persuaded: “Look at you, you are so young all of a sudden, so many women can’t dream, why are you crying?”

She choked and said, “I’m so excited… I was so excited that I couldn’t distinguish the reality of dreams…”

“And, I’ve never had such a beautiful dream… Philip, tell me, what is this? Reality or am I dreaming?”

Philip smiled and said, “Of course this is not a dream. You forgot how Charlie cured me in the first place? The best cancer experts in the world said that I must die.”

“I had even been told that there is only one life left. I was making preparations to die, but look at me now.”

“I’ve been completely healed a long time ago, not only healed, but my body is much better than before in life! This is all true, and it’s all from Charlie!