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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3186 Free Novel

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Seeing this, Lenan picked up the glass and drank all the water in it without hesitation.

Immediately after, she experienced a magical feeling that could not be described in words.

It is a feeling beyond the cognitive range of adults, and a wonderful experience that subverts their worldview.

The pure water she drank is like a spring that moisturizes the dry soil under the quick-release lens.

Under its action, life grows rapidly as if the acceleration button is pressed, allowing the originally dry soil to become lush green in a very short time.

Lenan has seen such scenes in many documentaries.

Place a camera in a fixed position, starting from the withering of everything in winter, and shooting until the spring flowers bloom.

Obviously, it takes a few months, but it is accelerated by the director to fully present it in a few seconds.

In a few seconds, the severe winter will warm giving way to spring, and everything will be changed from inanimate to vitality in an instant.

Whenever Lenan saw that she could feel the greatness of life more clearly, so that every time she saw it, she would lament the miracle of life in her heart.

But this time, she experienced that wonderful feeling in herself, it seemed that her life has become alive again!

The most direct feeling that Rejuvenation Pill brought to her was the rapid improvement of her physical and mental state.

She felt a little tired at first, but now, all her tiredness was wiped out at this moment.

Immediately afterward, she felt that her breathing became smoother as if a patient with a cold has blocked breathing has suddenly become smoother.

She realized that this was probably due to increased lung capacity and rapid repair of cardiorespiratory capacity.