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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3184 Free Novel

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Philip was even more moved.

After all, Charlie once saved his life and even made him at least ten years younger.

With such great kindness, he didn’t know how to pay it off. Now he took out another rejuvenation pill and gave it to his family.

Three mouthfuls, which made him feel ashamed.

So, he hesitated again and again, and said: “Charlie, you are so caring for our family of three. I am really grateful, but this gift is too expensive, I am really ashamed to accept it…”

Speaking of this, he couldn’t help sighing, and then said: “It’s just that your Auntie is really not in good health recently.”

“Whenever I see her working day and night, I feel distressed, so I will take it for you, Auntie. Take this glass of water and keep the remaining two glasses for yourself!”

Charlie heard this and shook his head helplessly and said, “Uncle, just now you told me not to think like outsiders, but in a blink of an eye, you started to see me as an outsider.”

“I have already said that this rejuvenation pill is for you, Auntie and Sara, even if you don’t feel sorry for yourself, don’t think like that for others.”

“You still have to think for Sara, she is about to hold dozens of concerts all over the world, she must be very tired from running around.”

“Anyhow, none of you have to regret it. Why are you being polite to me at this time?”

Sara hurriedly said: “Charlie, I’m fine, I’m so young, it’s nothing like feeling tired at all!”

Charlie said with a face: “Don’t fool me here, you forgot how the two of us met again? If it weren’t for your stomach troubles all the time, why would you be willing to endorse my product?”

“You are only in your 20s. You already have stomach problems. Isn’t this caused by running around and getting tired all day, not eating on time, and having an unhealthy lifestyle?”

Sara whispered a little embarrassingly: “Although I have always had stomach problems, after taking JX Weisan, it is all cured… The big deal is that I will buy more JX Weisan this time to ensure that I won’t have stomach problems again.

Charlie said seriously:

“If a person is too tired, it will hurt not only the stomach, but also the liver, and even increase the burden on the heart. For the stomach it is JX Weisan, what about other things?”

“You have to run around this time. After such a long tour, what if something goes wrong while you are abroad?”

As he said, he looked at Philip again, and said solemnly: “Uncle, since you have an attitude like this, I shall treat you the same.”