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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3182 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3182 Start

After Orvel left, Sara asked Charlie, “Charlie, what do you need water and a knife for?”

He smiled and said, “You’ll know right away.”

Then, he took out a very delicate rosewood box from his pocket.

When he opened the red sandalwood box, Philip recognized the pill in it at a glance.

He knew that this was the miraculous medicine that saved his life at the beginning and even made him younger than a dozen or twenty years old.

Mother and daughter Lenan and Sara witnessed this miracle with their own eyes, so they were naturally impressed by this pill.

However, the family of three didn’t know why Charlie suddenly took out such a precious treasure.

At this time, he took out the Rejuvenation Pill directly, and then took the fruit knife sent by Orvel and divided the Pill into three equal parts.

At this time, the family of three finally realized the purpose of what Charlie did.

Philip and his wife Lenan felt some inexplicable tension, excitement, and faint expectation deep in their hearts.

It’s not that they have always coveted the Rejuvenation Pill, but that both of them are almost at the age of knowing the fate of heaven. The more they reach this age, the more they long for the youth that has passed.

Usually, they don’t dare to hope that they still have a chance to have any contact with the Rejuvenating Pill.

Therefore, seeing Charlie take out one and divide it equally into three, the two of them have realized what he is going to do, and they are naturally excited.

Then they saw him and put these three rejuvenating pills into three cups of water.

It is also amazing to say that this solid rejuvenating pill, as soon as it enters the water, it immediately melts, and quickly dissolves into the water completely.

In the water with the melted rejuvenating pill, there is no color, as if it has disappeared directly into the water.

Afterward, Charlie put the three cups of water and handed them in front of the three of them, and said:

“Uncle, Auntie, and Sara, your bodies are all healthy now. It’s just because of the intensity of your work that you are in a fatigued condition.”

“The tiredness is slightly more, especially in Auntie it is relatively obvious. After all, you have worked harder during this period, and when Uncle got sick before, you did not worry less.”

“In these three glasses of water, each one contains one-third of the rejuvenating pills.”

“Although it can’t make the three people around 20 years old, it can at least restore the physical, skin, and mental state to five or eight years younger.”

“At the same time, it can greatly supplement the body’s demand for vitality, and it can also greatly improve the energy and physical strength of the three in the future work and life.”

Speaking of this, he looked at Lenan with an excited look, and said with a smile:

“Auntie, if you drink this glass of water, not only will your tiredness be completely relieved, but your skin and body will also be younger.”

“It is estimated that in time, People who don’t know will think that you are less than thirty-five years old!”

“As for Uncle, you may be able to reach 38 or 39 years old.”

“As for Sara, it is estimated that the whole person’s feeling can return to the state of eighteen years old.”