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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3181 Free Novel

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Charlie patted his chest and promised: “Sara, you just believe in me and drink as much as you want. With me, it will never influence any business affairs.”

Sara hesitated for a moment, but when she thought that Charlie never said irresponsible things, she nodded and said, “Okay, then I’ll just listen to you. If I delay the show or make a joke being drunk. I won’t go anymore.”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “Just put ten thousand hearts.”

Sara asked Lenan next to her: “Mom, would you like to drink some red wine too?”

Lenan smiled and said, “Of course I have to drink something, it is Charlie’s birthday.”

After finishing speaking, she looked at Charlie and said apologetically: “Charlie, my condition is a little bit tired recently, and the usual amount of alcohol may not be as good as usual. If I drink less, you will have to forgive me more.”

Charlie nodded and asked with concern: “Auntie, your poor condition is due to your recent work, right?”

Philip on the side said with emotion: “Yes! Since I eliminated the threats inside and outside the group, your Auntie has been helping me with company affairs.”

“Although my two brothers are much more honest, after the previous things, it is difficult to trust them 100%, so I don’t dare to give them important work. Now I am suffering from no trusted staff, so your Auntie has to work harder.”

After speaking, he looked at Lenan and thanked her: “My wife, it’s been really hard for you during this time.”

Lenan smiled and said sincerely: “What’s the hard work in this, as long as you are in good health and your career is going smoothly, I can rest assured.”

With that, she said again: “I myself am younger than you, so much work is nothing.”

Sara hurriedly said: “Mom, after my concert is over, I will go back to help you and dad. I will work hard at that time to make your life easier!”

Lenan smiled and said: “That’s really great. When the time comes, our family of three will cooperate, and your dad and I will definitely be able to relax a lot.”

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and Charlie said, “Come in!”

As soon as the voice fell, Orvel dragged a delicate tray with one hand, and walked in by pushing the door with the other.

On the tray, there are three glasses filled with water and a long bundle of fruit knives.

He carefully placed the tray in front of Charlie and respectfully said: “Master Wade, the water and knife you want are here.”

Charlie nodded and smiled slightly: “Thanks for your hard work.”

Orvel said hurriedly: “Master Wade, you are too polite. If there is nothing wrong, I will go out first.”

“It is all good.”