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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3178 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3178 Start

So Charlie nodded immediately and said, “Thank you, Uncle and Auntie. From now on, I will also have a private jet!”

As soon as Philip heard this, he laughed suddenly, shook the big hand on Charlie’s shoulder, and said with a smile: “Come! Let’s go to the restaurant!”

Charlie invited Philip and his wife to sit in the back row of his BMW 760, and then opened the door of the co-pilot for Sara. Before he finally got into the car, he told Issac: “Mr. Issac, let your car be in front. Open the way, let’s go directly to Classical Mansion now.”

Charlie had already talked with Orvel before, that he was going to entertain guests at Classical Mansion today, so the entire restaurant was not open for business today.

Orvel also turned away everything at hand and rushed to the restaurant as a supervisor early in the morning.

From the security work and service process of the entire restaurant to the freshness of every dish, raw materials, and tableware to be prepared today, Orvel basically inspected everything in advance more than once.

When Issac opened the road ahead and led Charlie to leave the airport together, he had already informed Orvel.

Orvel immediately asked all the service personnel to line up in the parking lot at the entrance of Classical Mansion to prepare for the welcome. At the same time, he also ordered many younger brothers to guard both sides of the entrance, and asked them not to let any other people in.

After all, Sara, who is with Charlie, is one of the hottest stars in the country today. If her meal in Classical Mansion is revealed, she will be on the gossip news immediately. Orvel is extremely loyal to Charlie, so naturally, takes care of this.

He can’t leave any hidden dangers to Charlie.

When the convoy drove into the parking lot, Orvel led a group of waiters waiting at the door.

As soon as Charlie stopped the car, he took the lead to step forward, first opened the two rear doors and the co-pilot’s door, and said politely to Philip, his wife, and Sara: “Welcome three distinguished guests to Classical Mansion!”

Then he opened the main driving door and said to Charlie: “Master Wade, the boxes are ready, let’s go in now.”

Charlie nodded and said, “You have worked hard.”

“Should have!”