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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3177 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3177 Start

Charlie didn’t say anything to Philip. He just felt that it was a bit of a waste for the old man to suddenly give him a private plane.

And this is not an ordinary small private jet worth tens of millions or one or two hundred million. This is a private jet modified from a Boeing 737 passenger plane.

The ex-factory price of a Boeing 737 ordinary passenger plane is about 100 million US dollars, but this is only an ordinary passenger plane.

For private jets, an ordinary passenger plane is equivalent to a blank room, and the cost of the renovation and decoration of this blank room , At least accounted for more than half of the total value.

Calculated in this way, the value of this aircraft alone would be around one billion yuan.

Charlie was indeed a little ashamed to receive such a valuable gift for his birthday.

Seeing that he seemed to hesitate, Philip stepped forward and took his shoulders and said earnestly:

“Charlie, in my mind, you are just like my son. You now have your own career, and you often need to move around.”

“It’s much more convenient for you to have your own private jet flying back and forth across the country and even around the world.”

Charlie said seriously: “Uncle, in fact, the Wade family also has a spare private jet in Aurous Hill. Generally speaking, it is enough for me. I really don’t want you to spend too much money.”

Philip said with a very firm expression: “The Wade family’s private jet belongs to the Wade family. The plane that your uncle gave you is your own.”

“Does it feel the same using your own things or other people’s things?”

“Besides, your relationship with the Wade family is not clear. If you have an awkward relationship with your grandfather one day, and use his plane again, wouldn’t it be a dwarf?”

As he said, he continued: “Besides, what is there to be polite about with your uncle? It’s just a plane, it’s only 1 billion at best. I’m a person who almost died once. There is so much money and nowhere to spend it. It’s also very painful.”

Lenan on the side also hurriedly agreed: “Yes, Charlie, you can accept it happily, look at your uncle’s age, he gave you a birthday gift, and he has to ask you to accept it.”

When Charlie heard this, he immediately realized that he was indeed a little too outspoken.

The more expensive the gift, the more importance he is given byUncle and his wife. If he shirks repeatedly, it will hurt their feelings for him.