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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3173 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3173 Start

Charlie didn’t doubt Liona’s character, but when he thought that she was deliberately trying to get closer to Claire, he was more or less worried, worried that Liona had intentionally or unintentionally missed something.

But right now, he didn’t want to remind her directly, he believes Liona still has some sense of measure.

So he bid farewell to the two, drove straight to Shagri-La, waiting to pick up Sara, and then go to the airport to pick up Philip and his wife.

After Charlie arrived at Shagri-La, he went directly to Sara’s room.

As soon as he arrived at the door of Sara’s room, the door of the room opened from inside.

Sara’s agent, Tasha, was wearing work clothes with the brokerage company’s logo and dragging a large box. She was about to come out of the room. Sara’s voice also came from inside:

“Tasha, after you arrive at the venue, you must must put my baby in my dressing room properly. Without my permission, no one except you can go in, let alone touch it, you know?”

Tasha said helplessly: “Oh, I know, you’ve been talking to my ears all morning, so annoying, if you really worry about me, or you can take it by yourself.”

Sara blurted out: “I don’t have time to go to the venue in the morning! Charlie will pick me up soon.”

“Then we will go to the airport to meet my parents together, and then we will go to the hotel at noon for lunch for his birthday.”

“You will keep it safe for me, and I won’t need you to keep it after I’m over in the afternoon!”

Tasha murmured dissatisfiedly: “I know Charlie and Charlie all day long, and my ears are almost puffed up. I don’t know what is good about your Charlie.”

“The people in the entertainment industry are more handsome than him. There are too many men to go.”

Sara hummed: “You are not allowed to speak ill of my Charlie, he is the most handsome in my mind.”

Tasha shook her head helplessly, pushing the box out, turning around and saying:

“I don’t bother to listen to your nymph0 here, I have to go to the venue quickly, there is still a lot of work to go to the venue in the morning for final confirmation.”

After speaking, Tasha just left the door, and when she turned around, she ran into Charlie.

Suddenly seeing him, Tasha was shocked and said that evil has arrived, which made her feel a little guilty.

Moreover, this was the first time she had faced Charlie at close range, and the sharp, handsome face in front of her immediately made her feel a little bit faster and flushed.

She suddenly felt that what she said just now was really wrong.

She couldn’t help muttering in heart: “It’s really hard for the entertainment industry to find a handsome male artist than Charlie.”

“Moreover, even if there are some male artists who look more handsome than Charlie, most of them have undergone plastic surgery, which is not natural at all.”

“In the current entertainment industry, as long as they follow the idol route, who doesn’t have plastic surgery?”

“Sometimes male artists have more severe plastic surgery than female artists, and many male artists have cosmetic surgery, one is more feminine than women. It’s really rare to see a tough handsome guy like Charlie…”