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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3162 Free Novel

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Sara didn’t know that Charlie punished Zhifei mainly because he wanted to investigate Claire’s BMW.

In her opinion, the reason why he punished Zhifei was that he attaches great importance to her deep in his heart, and even had protected her as private property, so naturally, he did not want to let men like Zhifei to come to entangle with her.

Originally, she was a very independent young woman, and she had always scorned the machismo that women are accessories of men.

However, since the reunion between her and Charlie, the big woman thinking in her heart suddenly disappeared.

Her biggest wish right now is to be able to stand by Charlie’s side, being collected, cared for, and even occupied by him like a precious private item.

Therefore, even though she felt deep in her heart that Charlie had been a little bit heavier in punishing Zhifei for her, but her heart was still full of a different kind of happiness.

So, she replied with shame:

“Fortunately, I have decided to quit the entertainment circle after this concert. Otherwise, I don’t know how many people will be taken to the southwest by Charlie for a pilgrimage…”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t you leave the entertainment circle without someone like Zhifei harassing you?”

Sara said earnestly: “After I quit the entertainment industry, I will be ready to take over from my dad. When that happens, I will be a lady at home every day, and I will devote myself to my career when I go out.”

After that, she said again: “But if I can get married sooner, it doesn’t matter if I take over dad’s shift later. If my hard-working dad retire later, I will give you two or three children.”

“Anyway, my father is in very good health now, and I don’t think it will matter if he has been working for another ten years!”

Charlie was a little embarrassed when he heard Sara say that she was going to give birth to two or three children very frankly, so he simply changed the subject and asked her:

“By the way, when will Uncle and Auntie arrive tomorrow?”

She replied: “They should be around eleven in the morning.”

“Okay.” Charlie said: “Then tomorrow at nine o’clock, I will pick you up from the hotel, and then we will go to the airport together.”

Sara immediately replied excitedly: “Okay! Then I’ll wait for you at that time!”