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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3159 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3159 Start

At this point, Zhiyu said to Charlie: “Grace, your intentions are good, I understand!”

The top giants of modern society are in fact no different from the emperors and nobles of feudal society.

The internal operating mechanism of each family is exactly the same as the royal family of a feudal dynasty.

In such a special environment, it is not age or seniority that determines status, but title and rights.

Before choosing who is the prince, the princes are basically equal in principle, but there are slight differences because of the differences between the elders and the young.

However, even the eldest son is just the elder brother of other princes, but he is still of the same generation as other princes. When other princes see him, it is impossible for them to worship him thirty nine times.

However, once someone becomes a prince and inherits the throne, all other princes, whether it is his elder brother or younger brother, will treat him as monarchs and fully obey his orders when they see him.

This is the difference between monarchs and ministers.

The same goes for Zhiyu now.

Zhifei is now her brother.

But once she inherits the Su family, and Zhifei is her courtier, everything must be her head.

Even the father of the two, Zynn, is the same.

Therefore, although Charlie left the lives of Zynn and Zhifei, he must wait for Zhiyu to inherit the Su family before releasing them.

Because he believes in his own vision, Zhiyu is different from the rest of the Su family, and will never do anything to avenge, so as long as she is in charge of the Su family, he doesn’t have to worry about what Zynn and Zhifei’s ability to play bad tricks.

Zhiyu also understood Charlie’s intention.

Therefore, at this moment, the gratitude in her heart for him has further sublimated.