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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3151 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3151 Start

In the evening, Liona and Zhiyu went home one after another. The servant told them that Zhifei had locked himself in the room in the afternoon and never left the door.

The mother and daughter respectively knocked at the door and asked, Zhifei. The reply to them is that “I want to be alone.”

The family didn’t take it seriously.

After all, he is an adult, and sometimes it is normal to want to be alone.

However, at nine o’clock in the evening, when Zhifei pushed the door and came out of the room, he gathered the whole family solemnly, saying with a serious face that he had something to announce.

When the family sat down in the living room and wanted to hear what he had to announce, he took out his mobile phone and sent a video invitation to Chengfeng.

Zhiyu was a little upset when she saw him sending a video to Grandpa, and asked: “Brother, why are you going to video call with Grandpa?”

Zhifei said seriously: “I have a major decision about myself to be announced, so I also want to inform him at the same time.”

Zhiyu said with a black face, “Then you don’t want to take pictures of me and my mother too.”

Zhifei nodded, and sat a little further away.

Soon, the video was connected.

Chengfeng asked at the end of the video: “Zhifei, how come you make a video call at this time?”

Zhifei said calmly: “Grandpa, I have a major decision, and I need to tell you.”

Chengfeng was confused, but he nodded, and said, “Is there any major decision, you can talk about it.”

Zhifei sat up straight and said seriously: “I Zhifei, after careful consideration, deeply believe that my father and grandfather are sinful people, so I decided to start at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning a journey.”

“I kowtow all the way to the Jokhang Temple to repay the sins of the Su family. I don’t know how long this trip will take.”

“If I can kowtow all the way to the Jokhang Temple in three years, I will come back and continue the kowtow again my head, for three years!”

Liona and Zhiyu were naturally dumbfounded.

And Chengfeng at the other end of the video, his face is already extremely ugly!

He cursed in his heart: “Did you stinky kid got kicked by a donkey!?! Says I am guilty?! Even if my damn sin is so grave, I don’t need you to smash your head to pay for me! You dmn it. Deliberately want to make me ashamed?!”

Thinking of this, he yelled with a dark face: “Zhifei! You are just fooling around! Don’t forget your identity! You are the eldest son of the Su family!”

“As the eldest grandson of the Su family, you are not busy with your studies and work. “

“Don’t take the Su Family’s interests as the highest interest, but instead, want to engage in this kind of brain-dead thing. Where do you let the Su Family’s face go?! Where do you let my face go?!”

Zhifei was unmoved by Chengfeng’s roar, and said indifferently: “I have decided! No one can block my decision!”

“I will set off on time at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning. Then, I will ask the whole country, all the netizens to supervise me!”