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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3150 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3150 Start

Zhifei has been completely finished by Charlie’s psychological suggestion at this time, and what he thinks in his mind is all Charlie’s instructions to him.

Seeing this, Charlie said: “Okay, you go call your subordinates now and let them take you home. If they ask you how you talked, you tell them that this matter is a misunderstanding. The person you are looking for is not in the Emgrand Group.”

Zhifei nodded immediately and said, “Grace, I know!”

After speaking, he immediately turned around and walked out without looking back.

Seeing this, Doris hurriedly asked Charlie: “Master, just let him go like this?”

Charlie nodded: “Let him go, we don’t have to worry about the rest.”

“Okay.” she said in a convenient way: “Then I will send him out to avoid doubts.”

Charlie nodded slightly, and Doris hurried over and said to Zhifei: “Master Su, I will see you off.”

Zhifei nodded stupidly, and said subconsciously, “Thank you.”

After going out, he just came to the door of the conference room, his assistant and a group of bodyguards quickly got up and came out.

The assistant stepped forward and asked in a low voice: “Did you inquire about the identity information of the chairman of Emgrand Group?”

Zhifei said lightly: “This time the matter is a misunderstanding. The person I am looking for is not in the Emgrand Group. Let’s go. Take me home.”

The assistant was a little confused, but he didn’t know exactly what Zhifei saw in the VIP passage of the stadium.

Maybe it was Zhifei who made a mistake by himself, so he didn’t think too much. He said: “Okay young master, then we will send you back now.”

Along the way, Zhifei did not speak, but sat in the car alone with his eyes closed.

The convoy sent him to Du’s old house. Zhifei spoke to the assistant before getting off the car and said: “Okay, you guys go to do your own business, don’t worry about me, I want to go home and take a good rest.”

The assistant didn’t think much, and hurriedly opened the door to Zhifei and watched him enter the Du’s house, and then greeted others to drive away.

When Zhifei returned home, only the servant was at home. He greeted him without paying attention, so he went straight back to his room and locked himself up.

The servant thought he might be in a bad mood, and didn’t take it too seriously, let alone touch him.