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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3149 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3149 Start

In fact, Charlie had long known that Zhifei was pursuing Sara.

In line with the principle of “freedom of love”, he did not want to interfere more with Zhifei. Even if Issac suggested that he intervene before, he never thought of it.

Charlie also felt that everyone has the right to like and be liked by others.

As long as the favorite is fair and reasonable, no one has the right to interfere.

But Zhifei was wrong, he didn’t figure it out himself.

Before he pursued Sara, he had regarded her as his personal belonging.

When he found out that he was driving Sara to the stadium, his first thought was to do everything possible to investigate his identity, point the finger at him, and even have to investigate his wife’s license plate has completely violated the basic principle of “freedom of love”.

Therefore, Zhifei’s decision is also the key to his determination to punish him.

It was precise because of this that Charlie gave him psychological hints.

The psychological hint is a very powerful brainwashing function, and Charlie uses aura as a medium, this kind of psychological suggestion is even more insoluble.

Charlie also knew very well that if he had just reached a verbal agreement with Zhifei, then he would have repented immediately after he left this room, and might even run away.

Even if he was forced to be helpless and really kowtowed his head all the way to the Jokhang Temple, then he is likely to do everything possible to slip on the road.

And it is impossible for him to keep staring at him. The only solution is to give him a strong psychological hint and make him follow the arrangement.

After this psychological hint was given, he was like Wu Qi who had to have special meals every hour. No one could stop him, and no one could make him give up his demands.

As a result, he will strictly demand himself, three steps and one bow, one step less, one less head, he himself will not forgive himself.

In this way, it is naturally impossible to slip away.

However, psychological cues have powerful side effects.

Once he accepts this kind of psychological suggestion, his whole person’s normal thinking mode will also be greatly affected.

At that time, in the eyes of others, this person may be like a crazy fool, which is incomprehensible.

But to Charlie, it didn’t matter, what he wanted was Zhifei to honestly go through the long head of the next three years.

He once saved his life, and now he will avenge his grievances, and he will not kill him.

It is already extremely kind, and letting him go to kowtow to redeem his sins is also considered a kind of preferential treatment to him in Charlie’s eyes.