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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3144 Free Novel

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Thinking of this, Zhifei immediately kowtowed to Charlie like crazy, and choked in his mouth: “Please Grace, spare me this time. Your great kindness, I will never forget! Please look at me.”

“It’s not that I deliberately disobeyed you please let me go. From now on, I will repay your life-saving grace by being a cow and a horse!”

Charlie waved his hand: “Just save it, you know in your heart that you are not the kind of person who knows gratitude!”

“I…” Zhifei was startled, and blurted out: “I am! I really am! Grace, please believe me!”

Charlie sneered and said: “If you really know the gratitude, you won’t be planning Sara’s concert here when your mother and your sister were missing.”

“Do you think I don’t know people like you? You, your father, and your grandfather are all the same. Personal interests are above everything else.”

“In the face of personal interests, family affection is not important, let alone the mere life-saving grace, don’t you think so?”

Zhifei trembled violently in fright, crying, and said, “Grace… I won’t do sophistry or deny what you said, but please look at the face of my mother and Zhiyu, and forgive me for being confused.”

“From now on, I will change my mind and be a new person, and I will never repeat the mistakes of my father and my grandfather!”

Charlie sneered and waved his hand: “Sorry, you have no chance!”

He really didn’t plan to leave Zhifei any chance, because this time, Zhifei had already touched his negative scale.

When Zhifei heard Charlie say that he had no chance, his whole body collapsed instantly.

Immediately, he cried bitterly with his nose and tears: “Grace…My dog’s life…you save it, and you should take it away…but I still want you to forgive me.”

“Even if it’s because of the face of my mother and my sister, spare my life as a dog… Grace… Please, Grace…”

Charlie watched him cry in tears and distress. He smiled calmly and said: “I have already seen your mother and your sister’s face, and have bypassed your dad’s life. Do you want me to spare you one more fate?”