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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3143 Free Novel

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Hearing Charlie’s questioning, Zhifei’s whole body was like falling into an ice cellar!

He finally found out sadly that he originally thought he had hidden his motivation very well, but in fact, he had already exposed it!

As early as when he saw Sara coming out of Charlie’s BMW car, and then let people check the information of that BMW car, he was completely exposed!

And what he didn’t expect was that behind all this was the benefactor who had great strength and saved him and his sister, and even saved his mother and sister some time ago!

At this moment, he realized that he was the one who hit the rocks with pebbles and was overpowered…

Thinking of Charlie’s extraordinary strength, and thinking of the disappearance of his second uncle, the disappearance of his father, and the bizarre death of Cary, an extremely strong fear suddenly surged in his heart!

After that, he quickly slid off the sofa, knelt in front of Charlie with a puff, and said with tears:

“Grace Grace! I was wrong! I really knew it was wrong! It’s all because I was obsessed and had a ghost. I saw Sara get down from your car. When I saw her, I wanted to find out your identity.”

“If I knew that the driver were you grace, even if you give me eight courage and eighty hundred courage, I would not dare to check your car… Please forgive me, please forgive me. This time! Please!”

Charlie sneered and said: “Zhifei, you have to know, you still owe me a life, why do you have the face to beg me to forgive you now?”

Hearing this, Zhifei was struck by lightning.

He didn’t doubt that Charlie could easily take his life.

Moreover, as Charlie said, he saved his life in the first place.

If he can save him, he can kill him. With his strength, the bodyguards in the conference room are not enough to watch, so even if he calls for help, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s very likely that the bodyguards have not arrived yet and die in the way.