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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3142 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3142 Start

Zhifei’s nervous back got chills, and he blurted out: “Grace, don’t get me wrong, why should I be meeting in vain with you… I sincerely want to cooperate with you…”

Charlie nodded and asked with a smile:

“Since you really want to cooperate with me, let your finances put a 10 billion cooperation deposit on the account of the Emgrand Group.”

“If you can’t get the money, you don’t want to leave this place.

Zhifei was startled immediately, and blurted out: “Grace…I…where will I get ten billion dollars in funds in such a short while!”

Charlie sneered and said: “What? Didn’t you say that you want to cooperate with hundreds of billions of projects?”

“You will have to do hundreds of billions of projects. Shouldn’t there be 10 billion funds?”

“If you don’t have 10 billion. If you can’t get it out, you still come over and say you want to cooperate with me. Doesn’t this mean that you are here to entertain me on purpose?

Zhifei panicked and explained: “No…it’s not like that, I…I really want to cooperate…I really want to cooperate!”

Charlie nodded: “You really want to cooperate. Make a deposit first. When the money arrives, start cooperation immediately.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be greedy for a penny. I will sign a contract and write a paper for you when the money arrives to ensure the safety of your funds.”

At this time, Zhifei, seeing Charlie clutching 10 billion tightly and not letting go, his whole body was so nervous that he was sweating, and he dared not even look at him.

In the Su family, how could he have the qualifications to mobilize 10 billion.

He really asked him to raise money right away. It is estimated that he can get one hundred million by any means possible. Ten billion is absolutely impossible.

Seeing that he was not talking, Charlie suddenly yelled, “Speak! Are you dumb?!”

Zhifei shuddered, and said quickly, “Grace, don’t be angry…I am only here to discuss cooperation intentions on behalf of the Su family.”

“Although I am the eldest son and grandson in the Su family, I can also come out to discuss cooperation on behalf of my grandpa.”

“But I really don’t have the right to arbitrarily control the funds.”

“For the specific allocation of funds during cooperation, my grandfather has to nod.”

“As long as we reach cooperation and my grandfather has no objections, the money will definitely be cashed out immediately…”

What Zhifei wanted was, no matter what, to escape today’s level first.

Because he knew Charlie’s horror very well, if he couldn’t pass this level today, then he would definitely be cold.

So he hurriedly promised Charlie: “But you don’t have to think too much about it. I and the entire Su family really really want to cooperate with you and the Emgrand Group!”

“I’m here this time. I want to seek cooperation, absolutely nothing else!”

Charlie smiled: “Since you said that you really want to cooperate, then I have a question for you.”

Zhifei hurriedly said, “Grace, please say…”

Charlie looked at him sweating profusely, and asked coldly: “Why did you investigate my license plate number?!”