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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3141 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3141 Start

Charlie smiled and said, “What? I am the chairman of Emgrand Group, which surprised you?”

Like a quail, Zhifei said honestly: “This…to tell you, I really didn’t expect…”

Charlie nodded, and went straight to the opposite side of him, sitting on the single sofa opposite him carelessly, spreading his hands on the backrest, raising his long legs, and asking him:

“Let’s talk, it takes so much effort to find what I do?”

Zhifei had a guilty conscience, but he could only bite the bullet and said: “I…I came to you…I want to…I want to talk to you about cooperation…”

Charlie nodded slightly, did not break him down, but casually said:

“I heard it all just now, you want to invest tens of hundreds of billions of dollars, and engage in the new energy automobile industry with Emgrand Group, right?”

Zhifei could only nod his head, and said with some guilty conscience: “Yes…yes…”

Charlie smiled slightly: “This is a good thing! Your investment of 10 billion dollars, when will it arrive?”

“Huh?” Zhifei asked subconsciously: “Grace…you…what do you mean?”

Charlie casually said: “I don’t mean anything, don’t you want to invest with me? Since it is an investment, you naturally have to take out the money first?”

Zhifei hurriedly said: “This…for such a large investment, there must be a lot of preparatory work, and this investment is also for us to establish a joint venture company.”

“Then according to the agreed ratio and valuation, each will bring the investment in their respective sectors…”

Charlie waved his hand: “With me, the rule of investment is that you first put the money in my account. Didn’t you come with sincerity?”

“Hurry up and arrange your finances first, and put 10 billion in the account of the Emgrand Group. Then we will talk about cooperation in the future.”

Zhifei’s cold sweat suddenly flowed down like a waterfall.

He said nervously, “Well…blessed, your request…I really can’t meet it…It’s impossible for us to finance without seeing the contract or doing anything on paper.”

“In the case of risk assessment, a huge amount of 10 billion is not put on the accounts of other companies…”

Charlie sneered and said, “Is it because you are not ready to commit this money, or you don’t have that much money at all, and you just came here to talk to me for nothing?”