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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3140 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3140 Start

Zhifei never dreamed that a person would suddenly appear in the innermost part of Doris’s office.

Moreover, he was more puzzled as to why this person’s voice made him feel a little familiar.

When he subconsciously turned his head to follow the sound, his whole brain exploded with a buzzing sound.

His eyes widened in an instant, and his thinking fell into sluggishness in an instant!

He naturally recognized Charlie at a glance!

After all, the impression he left on him in Japan was too deep, and he could not forget this appearance until his death.

At this moment, he was shocked to the core, and immediately afterward, he couldn’t help but mutter:

“Ah…it’s…it’s you?! This…how is this possible!!!”

Charlie came to face him and asked jokingly: “Why? We haven’t seen each other for some days. When you see me again, you won’t even call me Grace?!”

Zhifei was instantly stunned by Charlie’s powerful aura, and immediately came to his mind the shocking picture of him killing several ninjas in Kyoto, Japan that day!

So, he trembled all over, and immediately bent over and bowed, and said respectfully:

“Well…Grace…you…how are you here?! My sister and I have been looking for you since our goodbye in Kyoto.”

“I want to repay your life-saving deed, but I didn’t expect to see you here… I am so surprised to see you just now, how improper my manners are, please forgive me!”

Charlie sneered and said: “Zhifei tell you something, you don’t even treat your own in Eastcliff well with respect, and you have come to Aurous Hill to get respect.”

“You have come to Emgrand of your own initiative, you wanted to see me. I have come out as you wished.”

“Now tell me why are you here has your brain stopped working?”

Zhifei exclaimed: “Grace…you…you are the chairman of the Emgrand Group?!”