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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3135 Free Novel

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Originally in Zhifei’s vision, since this woman could use her own efforts to become the vice-chairman of the Emgrand Group step by step, then she would have to be at least thirty-five or even over forty years old.

After all, it takes time and experience to advance in the workplace. No one would believe that a woman under the age of thirty can rely on her strength to become the second-in-chief of a company with a market value of 100 billion.

Because of this fixed thinking mode in his heart, the moment he saw her, he felt amazed.

Therefore, he also nodded very gentlemanly and said: “I didn’t expect Vice Doris to be so young and to become the second-in-chief of a company at such a young age. The personal ability must be very remarkable.

Doris smiled humbly, and said humbly, “Master Su, I’ve been awarded.”

After that, she hurriedly turned sideways and said, “Please come in!”

“Okay!” Zhifei nodded, and strode into the office.

Doris said to her secretary: “Go and prepare the best tea for Master Su.”

The secretary hurriedly said: “OKay Vice-Chair!”

After the secretary left, Doris immediately invited Zhifei into her office and invited him to sit down on the sofa. Then she asked politely: “I wonder why Master Su came to our Emgrand Group?”

Zhifei smiled and said: “I have been in Aurous Hill for this period of time, and I am interested in making some investment in the city. I heard that your Group is the largest enterprise in Aurous Hill, so I want to cooperate with you.”

Having said that, he also deliberately added: “Oh, yes, the ‘one point’ cooperation is at least 50 billion.”

“Oh? Really?!” Doris immediately showed strong interest and asked with excitement: “I don’t know what kind of cooperation Master Su wants to do?”

Zhifei smiled slightly, raised his hand and pointed to the high-rise buildings outside, and said with a smile: “Real estate, hotels, energy, automobiles, the fields you can think of. Basically, our Su family is involved in these fields, so we can cooperate in fields. It’s not too much.”