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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3131 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3131 Start

Zhifei never dreamed that the information he received through his subordinates was actually a game that Charlie deliberately asked the trusted man to play.

He deliberately revealed his identity as the “Chairman of the Emgrand Group” to Zhifei, just to make him have a sense of urgency, so as to completely divert his attention.

Otherwise, if Zhifei had been making a fuss about his wife’s BMW car, he could soon get his wife’s true identity.

Therefore, he deliberately let people propagate a false message, telling the other party that this car belongs to the Emgrand Group.

At the same time, in order to strengthen Zhifei’s trust, he deliberately exposed the details of the BMW 760 which is actually a BMW 760. In this way, naturally, Zhifei can be convinced strongly.

Once Zhifei believed that this car belonged to the Emgrand Group, his attention was completely deflected.

Then he released the chairman of the Emgrand Group’s information. He may be a handsome, young, and rich young man, and is related to the god-level wealthy status circulated on the Internet. Then he will believe in all this even more.

As Charlie expected, Zhifei’s current attention was focused on the chairman of the Emgrand Group.

While asking his man to arrange a meet with Doris Young of the Emgrand Group, he took out his mobile phone and searched for the short video of the god-level rich man who was all the rage in the city.

Sure enough, he found the scene where Charlie was photographed and recorded at the Jewelry shop.

However, it is a pity that the shooting angle of that video is not good, and the distance is relatively far, so he can’t see Charlie’s appearance, but the figure can be seen with a clearer outline.

That person is 1.85 meters tall, weighed less than one hundred and forty catties, had a body comparable to those long-legged men in the popular entertainment industry, which made Zhifei jealous.

He is most dissatisfied with his height. Although he is already 1.75 meters tall.

Among men, his height is considered to be above average, even two or three centimeters higher than the popular national trend at the beginning.

Nevertheless, he still carries in his bones, some dissatisfaction, because he only has the rich and handsome, if you want to occupy the “high” also, at least 1.8 meters or more.