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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3126 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3126 Start

He didn’t know it was his search behavior that caused the catastrophe. He pushed the door and asked with a flattering expression: “Sir, what do you want me to do?”

The person called Allan immediately asked him: “You just checked the information of a BMW in the system?”

“Uh…” the person said nervously, “No, is there any misunderstanding?”

“Misunderstanding?” Allan said in a cold voice: “Don’t forget that there are behavior statistics inside the system.”

“The login account which just checked the car info is yours, and the IP address that sent the query request comes from your workstation. How do you explain this?”

The man was startled. He usually has a good relationship with Allan, and he can be regarded as one of his confidantes.

It stands to reason that he shouldn’t suddenly become so serious. He must have caused trouble.

So he hurriedly said in a low voice and flattering: “Allan, what we do is the work of the traffic system.”

“I check the license plate number. There is no principle problem? Why are you so angry?”

Allan sternly said: “In normal times, opening one eye and closing one eye will pass, but this time you stabbed a big basket! I can’t save you!”

The man asked nervously, “All…Allan…What the hell is going on here? Can you give me a rough idea? My heart is panicking like something…”

Allan glared at him and said coldly:

“Because of your business, President Issac from Shangri-La has come to me. You know his background. It is definitely not a trivial matter to let him find you so quickly!”

The man exclaimed: “Iss…Issac?! Allan, what should I do now, please show me the way!”

Allan opened the mouth and said: “There is a way to make up for the work, it depends on whether you are worthy of cooperation.”

The man hurriedly said: “Cooperation? I will definitely cooperate!”