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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3123 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3123 Start

Zhifei was agitated for a while, immediately hung up the phone, turned back to the inside of the stadium, and said to Tasha who was working:

“Tasha, what time will Miss Gu come over today?”

Tasha pretended to be surprised and said, “She will start the rehearsal at one o’clock in the afternoon. Haven’t I told you about it a long time ago?”

Zhifei held back his anger and said, “I asked when she would fly over. I just heard that her plane has canceled today’s flight plan.”

Tasha asked with a look of surprise: “Ah? Really? I haven’t heard of this, and she didn’t tell me.”

Zhifei asked her back: “You are her agent, don’t you know when she will arrive in Aurous Hill today?”

Tasha nodded earnestly, and said: “Mr. Su, you are right. I really don’t know when she will arrive in Aurous Hill today. She didn’t let me arrange the pick-up, and only said that she would arrive at the venue after one o’clock.”

Zhifei raised his wrist, looked at the limited-edition Richard Mille watch on his wrist, frowned, and said:

“It is 11 o’clock now. If there is any delay, she will definitely not be able to arrive at the venue on time.”

With that said, Zhifei said, “Let me call Miss Gu.”

Tasha said: “Mr. Su, if there is nothing else, I’ll go ahead.”

“Okay.” Zhifei nodded, took out his mobile phone, found Sara’s number, and dialed it.

However, a prompt came from the other end of the phone: “Sorry, the user you are calling has been turned off. Please try again later.”

Seeing Sara turned off the phone, Zhifei was even more confused.

He didn’t know that her mobile phone had been in the Do Not Disturb mode for a long time.”

“In this mode, only a few calls she has whitelisted could get through. No matter who it is, it would be a shutdown reminder.

Therefore, he hurriedly asked someone to inquire about the relevant information of Aurous Hill Airport, but did not find that the airport had Sara’s entry registration information.

He instinctively thought that she should have not arrived in Aurous Hill yet. Maybe she was delayed in Eastcliff due to some accident.

Maybe she would change to another plane to come to Aurous Hill soon. So he quickly ordered his men to drive to Aurous Hill Airport.

Waiting for the job, at the same time, he called his friends on the railway to ask them to help verify whether Sara bought high-speed rail tickets in the railway system.

In his opinion, from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill, she could not have other options besides flying and taking the high-speed rail.”

“As long as he seizes these two channels, he will definitely be able to wait for her.

As a result, what made him think of abnormality was that he waited until nearly twelve o’clock, and friends at the airport and railway did not make any progress.