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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3122 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3122 Start

Charlie drove to Shangri-La and took the internal elevator with Sara to the suite her team had reserved.

As soon as she entered the suite, Sara ran to the sofa in twos and twos and came to a standard bed, and said with emotion:

“Oh my god, it’s really tiring to get up early to catch a plane.”

Charlie smiled and said, “If you are tired, take a break first, and we will go to dinner when you are ready.”

Sara hurriedly asked, “Charlie, where are you going to take me to eat?”

Charlie said: “Wherever you want, if you don’t dislike it, we can eat something in the catering department of Shangri-La.”

“If you dislike it, let’s go to Orvel’s Classical Mansion.”

Sara hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Oh, forget the Classical Mansion.”

“It’s too much toss, too rich meals, and it’s very tiring to eat, and I get the venue rehearsal at one o’clock, time is tight.”

With that said, she asked diligently:

“Charlie, or let the catering department make some food and deliver it to the room. You can eat with me in the room.”

Charlie nodded and said, “If you are too lazy to move, then I’ll let Issac arrange for someone to bring a meal over.”

She quickly said: “That would be better!”

Charlie called Issac and asked him to arrange for the food and beverage department to make some special dishes, which were delivered to Sara’s room at about 11:30. Issac hurriedly went to the food and beverage department to keep an eye on them for fear of negligence.

At 10:30 in the morning, Zhifei’s prepared motorcade had assembled at the entrance of the stadium, ready to go to the airport to welcome Sara’s arrival.

In order to fully grasp the trajectory of Sara’s actions, Zhifei specifically asked someone to ask about the status of Sara’s private jet.”

“Such as whether it has launched a parking bay, whether it has started queuing to leave the airport, and when it is expected to take off.

However, just when he was ready to leave for the airport, he received a message from Eastcliff, who told him that Sara’s private plane had just canceled today’s flight plan.

Zhifei couldn’t react at all, so he called and asked:

“You said that Sara’s flight is canceled? What’s the matter? Is the weather in Eastcliff bad? Is there a thunderstorm or windy weather?”

The other party’s answer was simple and concise: “The breeze is blowing, and there are no clouds.”

Zhifei frowned and asked, “Is that flow control?”

The other party’s answer is still simple and straightforward: “The flow is normal.”

“What’s going on?!” Zhifei asked puzzlingly: “Isn’t the flight canceled in these two situations? Either the weather is bad, or the traffic control!”

The other party opened his mouth and said:

“There is another possibility that the other party wants to cancel it. If the other party can’t fly due to a temporary change, you can’t let the plane fly by itself, right?”