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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3120 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3120 Start

After Sara hung up the video, Charlie asked her curiously: “Sara, now Auntie is also busy with the Gu Group?”

“Yes.” Sara nodded and said with a smile: “Since dad recovered, the group has developed as fast as a chicken blood.”

“Many things are there and they are too busy, and dad doesn’t particularly believe in my two uncles, so mom just goes and helps him.”

After speaking, Sara sighed: “Mom is really a strong woman, and she is more dedicated to her work than my dad.”

“In the recent period, she has obviously become a little more haggard than before, which makes me feel distressed.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Then after Uncle and Auntie come tomorrow, I will give them supplementary medicine, which will definitely relieve their health.”

Sara chuckled and said, “That’s great! Charlie, you have such a good recipe, so you can just give me a pair of pills too. I have been working hard recently!”

“Okay.” Charlie said casually: “Isn’t that a sentence?”

Sara nodded, remembering something, and hurriedly asked: “By the way, Charlie, how is Kim now?”

“What did you do to him that made him make the decision to quit the entertainment industry?”

“He.” Charlie said casually: “I asked Orvel to arrange for him to go out to sea for fishing first.”

“Ah?” Sara asked with a look of surprise: “What?! Going out to sea to fish? Didn’t his agency declare that he is going to study abroad?”

Charlie smiled and said, “He wants to study abroad? It’s so beautiful that his liver hurts! I arranged for him a three-year internship as a seafarer.”

“I arrange for him to go for an internship on a fishing boat when he is running. He will not be allowed to disembark after three years.”

“It is estimated that he has already arrived in the South China Sea and started fishing.”

Sara chuckled and blurted out: “Charlie, you are too bad, why let him be a seaman…”

Charlie said in a joking tone: “The main reason is that there are too many people living in the kennel. It is still being expanded at this time, so he is lucky.”

Sara was stunned, and asked in a puzzled way: “Charlie, what kind of kennel? What does it mean to live in a kennel?”

Charlie waved his hand: “It’s nothing, this kind of thing is not suitable for children, you don’t need to know too much.”

Sara stuck out her tongue and said obediently: “Okay, then I won’t ask.”