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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3119 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3119 Start

As Philip was talking, on the other side of the video, Linan walked into Philip’s office and said, “Philip, everyone is almost there. Come join us.”

Philip smiled and said, “I’m videoing with Sara and Charlie. Would you like to talk?”

“Really?” Linan said with joy, and hurriedly ran behind Philip, leaned over, and smiled at the camera:

“Charlie, tomorrow is your birthday. Auntie wishes you a happy birthday in advance!”

Charlie hurriedly said, “Thank you, Auntie!”

Linan had long regarded him as her son-in-law, even her own son, so she was very close to him in her heart, and said with a smile:

“You won’t come to Eastcliff this time to see me and your Uncle. we both miss you. Uncle talks about you every day here at home.”

Philip smiled and said, “It’s like you don’t talk about it. How do I remember that you talk about him the most?”

Linan smiled and said, “Charlie is in my mind, just like my own son. Is there anything wrong with me being a mother?”

Philip nodded and said to Charlie:

“Look, Charlie, Auntie and I really treat you as our own child. If you have time in the future, you must come to Eastcliff to see us often!”

Charlie agreed without hesitation, and said, “Uncle, don’t worry, I will definitely.”

Philip nodded in satisfaction, and said:

“Charlie, Auntie, and I are going to convene the board of directors meeting, so let’s not talk about it. Let’s meet tomorrow!”

When Sara heard that her parents were going to the meeting, she hurriedly said:

“Mom and dad, don’t hang up in a hurry. I haven’t shown you the flowers that Charlie gave me!”

After speaking, she quickly switched the cameras and took a picture of the bunch of flowers on her lap.

Linan at the end of the video said with a smile: “Oh, Charlie is really interested in such a big bouquet of roses!”

“I have been with your dad for so many years, and it seems that your dad has never given me flowers.”

Philip said embarrassingly: “We are an old couple, so how can we pay attention to these?”

Linan gave him a white look and said, “So this is the gap between you and Charlie.”

“Do you think Charlie knows more about romance? Even just picking up at the airport, a bunch of roses is prepared by him.”

Charlie was also very speechless for a while.

Sara smiled at this time and said, “Dad, did you hear that? You will learn more from Charlie in the future!”

After finishing speaking, she said contentedly: “Okay, I’m done showing off. Go ahead and hang up!”