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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3117 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3117 Start

As soon as Issac finished speaking, the cabin door of the business jet in front of him slowly opened outward.

The opened cabin door flipped to the ground and became a staircase. Sara ran down happily like a gust of wind.


Seeing Charlie, she yelled sweetly all the way, then ran to him, saw a bunch of flowers in his hand, and said excitedly: “Wow! Charlie, are these flowers for me?”

Charlie looked at the flowers in his hand, feeling helpless, but he could only nod and smile: “Yes, it’s for you…”

“Great!” she took the flowers happily, looked around, and saw that there were no outsiders except Issac, so she immediately stood on tiptoe, ki55ed Charlie on the cheek, and said sweetly: ” Thank you, Charlie!”

At this time, Issac hurriedly turned his head and walked aside with a smirk.

He knew very well in his heart that if the scene where Sara ki55ed Charlie just now, if it were filmed and posted on the Internet, it would probably be the top headline and number one hot search for at least one week.

Unlike Kim’s enthusiasm that relies entirely on hype and money, Sara’s enthusiasm is completely real.

In China, she is a national idol, the dream lover of all men, and her status is higher than that of Japan’s national woman Yui Aragaki.

On this side, Charlie pretended to touch his face indifferently, and said to her:

“Sara, you must be very exhausted from the long journey. I’d better send you to the hotel to rest first.”

She hurriedly took his arm and asked him, “Charlie, are you going to be free later?”

Charlie shook his head: “It’s nothing, what’s the matter?”

She said coquettishly: “Then you will have lunch with me in the hotel at noon?”

“Okay.” Charlie agreed without thinking about it. He didn’t plan to go home at noon anyway. It was the same wherever, wherever he ate.

So he took the initiative to open the door of the co-pilot and said: “Let’s go, I’ll take you to Shangri-La.”

“Okay!” Sara hurriedly sat in with the flowers.

Charlie greeted Issac, and Issac got into his car, drove ahead, and left the airport.

On the way, Charlie asked Sara: “Sara, what time will Uncle and Auntie come over tomorrow?”

Sara said: “They should be here around this time tomorrow, or maybe a little later.”