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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3112 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3112 Start

As soon as he got out of the car, he was recognized by Zhiyu with excellent eyesight.

Just as her eyes widened and she blurted out a word of kindness, Liona was also astonished. She never expected that the designer she was cooperating with was actually Charlie’s wife.

When the mother and daughter were surprised, Charlie hurriedly spoke first: “Good morning, you two, please take care of me when we meet for the first time.”

When Charlie said meeting for the first time, Zhiyu and Liona suddenly understood.

He definitely didn’t want the two of them to show the truth about his acquaintance with him in front of his wife.

So, Liona hurriedly smiled and said: “You two are really talented women.”

Zhiyu stood there silently, feeling a bit sour in her heart. At the same time, she couldn’t help looking at Claire and compared herself with her in her heart.

Claire is naturally too beautiful, but Zhiyu doesn’t think she is much worse than her. If you count her background, she will definitely beat her easily.

Claire didn’t know what Zhiyu was thinking. Seeing that Charlie had come down to greet Liona and her daughter, she looked at Charlie and said softly:

“Husband, don’t you have anything else? Go ahead, I have to go in and check the plan with Auntie.”

Charlie nodded, and said smoothly: “Okay, then I won’t delay your business.”

After speaking, he looked at Liona and Zhiyu, smiled, and said, “Auntie, Miss Su, goodbye.”

Liona and Zhiyu also politely bid farewell to him, and then watched him drive away with Claire.

Seeing Charlie left, Claire said to Liona: “Auntie, let’s go in.”

“Okay.” Liona smiled slightly, and walked into the courtyard of the old house with Claire.

As the three of them walked, Liona asked with interest: “Claire, how did you meet your husband?”

Claire smiled slightly and said truthfully: “Husband and I were introduced by my grandfather.”

“Introduced by grandfather?” Liona was very curious and couldn’t help asking: “Then how did you get together?”

Claire said embarrassingly, “How can I tell you this… We were actually married at the request of my grandfather…”

Zhiyu couldn’t help but gossipingly asked: “Ah? Didn’t you guys fell in love freely?”