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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 311 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 311 Start

Noah Willson was frightened by Mr. Orvel.

He had no doubt about Mr. Orvel’s words. For such a person who has been in the underground for years and unified the entire Aurous Hill underground world, killing two people could not be hard.

Seeing that these two brawny men were about to take Wendy away, Noah Willson was very anxious, and he asked Claire for help: “Claire, please beg for mercy. After all, it is your sister. How can you look at her taken away?”

Claire felt a little unbearable, and said to the two strong men: “Don’t make things difficult for her. Wendy was also confused for a while and didn’t mean to hurt me.”

Although Claire was a little disgusted with Wendy, she was a cousin after all, so how could she be beaten to death?

Hearing what she said, Mr. Orvel turned to look at Charlie, waiting for Charlie to give orders.

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Do what my wife says.”

Mr. Orvel said, “Since Madam Wade has spoken, let them live!”

Charlie nodded and said to Mrs. Willson: “I said it a long time ago. You are not welcome here. If you are acquainted, just go by yourself. Otherwise, I will let Mr. Orvel’s people beat you out!”

Old Mrs. Willson trembled with anger, and the road was unsteady, but she didn’t dare to stay here, she could only leave quickly with the help of Noah Willson, for fear of being beaten.

Wendy was still in a state of despair and screamed: “I won’t go! I won’t go! I’m going to strangle that b*tch Claire! Let go of me and let me strangle her!”

Mr. Orvel kicked her with a black face, and kicked her to the ground directly, yelling: “Cut off your tongue, if you don’t stop talking nonsense!”

Seeing that his sister was about to cause a catastrophe, Harold hurriedly stepped forward to help her up and said, “Sister, let’s go home!”

The Lady Willson sighed repeatedly. Today, she wanted to mock Claire. By the way, she would give her a little pressure and induce her to return to the Willson family. Unexpectedly, Claire today is no longer in the same language. There are so many big people backing her. The Willson family is completely unable to trick her back

When she left, Mrs. Willson felt extremely uncomfortable. If she knew today, why bother? Now Claire is unwilling to return to the Willson family. The Willson family has lost the last straw, and it seems that only bankruptcy is left for them to have it in their fate.

After the Willson family left in disgrace, Claire was relieved.

However, the lively atmosphere on the scene quickly made her nervous again.

The people here are all big people, but the place here is very small and the reception is not very convenient.

Just thinking about it, many staff from Wing Star Building ran over to entertain them with meals, drinks and drinks.

After all, it is the property of the Emgrand Group. With a call from Doris, the group immediately put aside all their work and gathered around Claire’s studio to help.

Doris came to Claire and said, “Mrs. Wade, Wing Star Building is the property of our Emgrand Group. Since you choose to start a business here, we naturally have to show something.”

Then, she greeted a middle-aged person and said, “This is Xubo, the manager of Wing Star Building. I have already told him that in the future, the office on this floor will gradually be invited to quit and leave it to your company. .”

Claire hurriedly waved her hand, flattered and said, “Doris, you don’t need to be so polite. I have a studio now. I can’t use such a large place, and the cost of such a large place is too high, I can’t afford it.”

Xubo hurriedly handed over a check for 180,000 and said to Claire, “Mrs. Wade, this is your prepaid one-year office rent. From now on, all the rent, utilities, property fees, Air conditioning and heating costs are all borne by us!”