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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 31 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 31 Start

Elaine screamed in fright at this time, closed her eyes and was about to get twitched, but suddenly realized that the fierce slap had fallen.

When she opened her eyes, she was shocked!

Charlie, her Rubbish son-in-law, came out at this time and blocked the other’s slap!


Her mind was short-circuited at once, but she didn’t react. Why is Charlie so daring?

Orvel Hong didn’t expect that someone would dare to stand up for this d*mn Lady Willson at this time, and asked coldly: “Who are you? Do you want to die too?”

Charlie smiled lightly: “Mr. Orvel, right? Give me a face. You can beat this dog next to me, but my mother-in-law you can’t!”

Orvel Hong said with a sullen face: “This Lady Willson is your mother-in-law? Then what makes you think that you deserve a face?”

When he said this, Orvel Hong was already angry.

He has always been respected by countless people in Aurous Hill, but today he has encountered disrespect one after another.

First, there was a Fred White yelling in front of him, and a disgusting Lady Willson chirping beside him.

Now a young kid jumped out to point to himself. He really is the great Master Orvel. What kind of cats and dogs dare to contradict him at will?

Thinking of this, he immediately became furious and shouted to the people around him: “Kill this guy who doesn’t love his life!”

Charlie smiled faintly when he heard the words, and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll make a call and let the person on the phone tell you.”

After all, he took out his cell phone and called Issac Craven, the person in charge of Shangri-La.

Once the phone was connected, he respectfully said to the convenience: “Mr., what do you want?”

Charlie asked indifferently: “There is a man named Orvel Hong in Aurous Hill, do you know him?”

Issac Craven hurriedly smiled and said, “Mr., I know that name you mentioned. The outside world says that he is the underground emperor of Aurous Hill. In fact, he is just a small gangster!”

After speaking, Issac Craven said again: “This grandson knows that I am from the Wade family, and he wants to flatter me. He has begged me several times for a meal. I have never paid attention to him. Why? Mr. Wade, do you know him?”

Charlie said lightly: “Oh, this makes me want to kill him now.”

Issac Craven on the other side of the phone immediately exploded: “d*mn, doesn’t he want to live? How dare he provoke young master! Where are you now? I’ll send someone over immediately and get rid of that filth !”

Charlie said: “Call him, you can tell him.”

After speaking, he handed the phone to Hong and said, “Come on, you can pick it up.”

Orvel Hong looked suspicious.

what’s the situation? It doesn’t look like this guy is acting.

Does he really have a terrific background?

It doesn’t look like it. The clothes are very common, and the total amount of money may not be five hundred. Even the mobile phone used is a few hundred at maximum. What can he do? Can he find someone to support?

He was very disdainful, but Orvel Hong still subconsciously took the call and asked tentatively: “Hey, I am Orvel Hong, who are you? Want to support this kid?”

On the phone, Issac Craven cursed, “Orvel! Are you so f*cking tired and crooked? Even you dare to provoke my master? Believe it or not, I will let your family die tonight with 25 people without a place for you to be buried!”