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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 307 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 307 Start

At this time, the crowd of onlookers quickly gave up a passage.

Two beautiful women, Doris and Warnia, walking side by side from outside, wearing very decent formal attire and smiling.

Behind them, Solmon White took Gerald and Fred White, Qin Gang took Aoxue and Steven, Tianqi took Zhovia, and walked in.

And Mr. Orvel followed all of them.

Wendy looked at this scene with a face full of disbelief.

Among these people, no matter which one is, it is rare to see big people.

Unexpectedly, she would gather here to celebrate Claire, which really made her feel extremely uncomfortable!

Before that, she also had her own pride. She was also a young lady, the rich lady, and one of the most outstanding young people in Aurous Hill City.

She has an outstanding appearance and good figure, and she is also a proper goddess in the upper class of Aurous Hill.

She has been competing with her cousin everywhere for so many years.

She thought that she had found a good husband and could crush her cousin in all aspects, but now, everything she has is compared to Claire.

Her current self is actually different from her!

“Claire, what kind of sh!t luck did you have?!” Wendy looked at Claire with undisguised jealousy.

Claire ignored her, because she herself was in a daze at this time.

She couldn’t help looking at Charlie, and asked in a low voice, “You invited these people?”

Charlie nodded, and said, “These people, I have shown them Feng Shui and pointed out their fortunes. It can be regarded as a little friendship.”

Claire feels her head is huge

She has told Charlie many times, don’t make that kind of thing to deceive people, he didn’t listen, on the contrary, he deceived more and more, and he was a little man who couldn’t afford to offend.

Wouldn’t it be bad luck if it was discovered one day?

She wanted to persuade Charlie, but before she could speak, Doris and Warnia had already walked to the front.

Warnia spoke first.

She glanced at Claire unobtrusively, then smiled, stretched out her hand and said: “Congratulations to Madam Wade’s company for opening. If the Song family has design needs in the future, we’ll ask for your help!”

Obviously she was here to deliver the business, and he said that she would ask her for help. The Willson family was simply dumbfounded. How can Claire make Miss Song so humble?

Claire stretched out her hand nervously, shook Warnia’s, and said flattered: “Thank you Miss Song!”

While talking, Warnia was looking at her, and she was also looking at Warnia.

Warnia was almost the same as Claire in appearance and figure, but the noble temperament that Warnia was born with was incomparable to Claire.

Thinking of this, Claire couldn’t help feeling a little inferior.

Warnia said at this time: “Mrs. Wade, you are Mr. Wade’s wife, and you are the benefactor of Warnia, so you and I must not be polite!”