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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 306 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 306 Start

The people in the entire building are boiling, but it’s just a company opening, so there can be such a big scene, even the helicopter has been dispatched!

The crowd poked their heads and looked at the few people standing in front of the company.

Claire looked at all of it with a sense of loss. Although she invited some people, they didn’t have much friendship with her. Besides, she didn’t know anyone who was able to fly, in a helicopter.

Someone in the crowd exclaimed: “Isn’t that flower basket limited to the legendary Tiffany? It seems that this flower basket is worth more than one million!”

“Wow, look at the flowers in these flower baskets. They seem to have never been seen before! This is too pretty!”

“That’s a Dutch tulip! The top Dutch tulip is similar to our domestic bluegrass. It is very expensive. Any one costs thousands or even tens of thousands. There are also blue enchantresses and Juliet roses that are all top in the world. These precious flowers! These flowers cannot be cultivated in our country. They can only be transported by air from abroad!”

“No wonder the helicopter was dispatched! It is estimated that after being transported to the airport from abroad, it was directly transported here by helicopter!”

“Looking at it this way, a flower basket is worth one million for Tiffany’s basket alone, and the precious flowers in it may also cost one million.”

“There are a total of 20 baskets worth more than 40 million here?”

“Oh my God, this is the real ho! An opening ceremony, more than 40 million gift baskets alone?!”

“Yeah! And these flowers won’t survive for long. I’m afraid they will wither after a few days. This is too extravagant.”

The Old Mrs. Willson on the side couldn’t help swallowing.

She also likes planting flowers, and planted a lot of all kinds of flowers in the courtyard of Willson’s villa.

However, she has always been reluctant to buy the world’s rare flowers.

Especially the most classic red and white tulips in the Netherlands, one plant costs nearly 10,000.

Wendy’s eyes straightened, and she whispered: “Grandma, I remember that you really liked the Dutch tulips, but in the end I was not willing to buy them. I could only buy a few hundred Henan tulips. How do these people give Claire gave such a valuable gift!”

When the Lady Willson thought of her Henan tulips, it was a thousand miles away from others’ Dutch tulips!

As a result, she was even more jealous, and she couldn’t help but wonder if she could take a few away when she leaves, and plant them in her garden to see if they could survive.

At this moment, someone outside shouted:

“Ms. Doris, Vice Chairman of Emgrand Group, Ms. Warnia, Patriarch Solmon White, Patriarch Qin Gang, and genius Doctor Tianqi, congratulations on the opening of Madame Wade’s company, and wish the company a prosperous business!”

Not only the Willson family was shocked, but even the entire staff of the Wing Star Building were shocked!

Although they are an industry under the Emgrand Group, the Emgrand Group seldom intervenes. They didn’t expect that the vice chairman of the group and so many Aurous Hill big figures came to this humble building for the opening of Claire’s company!

So many big people gathered in the Wing Star Building, which is also a brilliant thing for the Wing Star Building.

This also made many people wonder in their hearts: What is the background of this newly opened company, and how can so many bigwigs congratulate them at the same time.

The members of the Willson family were also dumbfounded. Everyone wondered in their hearts: How much face is this Claire? !

Claire herself was stunned, and just hearing these names made her very panicked.

After all, the entire Willson family is now in despair, and Claire also knows very well that he can only be regarded as a newcomer who has just started a business and is poor, and has no foundation in Aurous Hill.

So, how could these big shots personally join in for the opening ceremony?

Could it be because of her husband Charlie? !