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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 305 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 305 Start

Tailai’s words shocked the Willson family.

He actually made a special trip to congratulate Claire? !

This is the richest man in Haichen!

Charlie and Claire, when did they catch such a line? !

Noah Willson was shocked in his heart, and he didn’t expect that the other party would be so rude to him, he would swear, and he couldn’t hold his face, he hurriedly backed a few steps with interest, and stood aside.

With a face full of doubt, Wendy asked Harold next to her in a low voice, saying, “This fat man is really the richest man in Haicheng? Does it feel like an actor has been invited? How can the richest man treat a Rubbish with respect”

Harold shook his head and replied in a low voice, “I don’t think it looks like it.”

None of the people present had seen Tailai.

But Tailai, who was kneeling and licking Charlie in front of him, and Tailai, who was rumored to behave badly, were not alone at all.

At this time, Tailai took out an exquisite box from his bag, handed it to Claire, smiled respectfully and said, “Congratulations to Mrs. Wade’s company for opening. This is a little bit of my heart, please accept it.”

Claire was a little at a loss. She didn’t invite Tailai, didn’t even know Tailai, and didn’t know if she should accept this gift.

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “My wife, this is President Li’s heart, accept it.”

Claire then took the box, and after thanking him, she put away the present.

But she heard Wendy say: “Claire, President Li gave a gift, would you let us see it?”

“Yes, Li is always a big boss with a fortune of hundreds of billions, and the gifts he gives are definitely not ordinary.” Harold also said.

Claire looked at Charlie before opening the gift box under everyone’s attention.

Inside the exquisite gift box, there is a crystal-clear jade pendant.

This pendant has no impurities, the whole body is emerald green, and it looks extremely transparent under the light.

Old Mrs. Willson also stared at this pendant closely, her two old eyes were completely sinking into it.

She has already seen that this pendant is exactly the “clear breeze and bright moon” at the Eastcliff auction some time ago!

At that time, it was sold at a high price of 50 million. It is said that it was bought by a huge man in Haicheng, but she did not expect that man to be Tailai.

She looked at the pendant and her eyes were red.

If the Willson family had such a pendant, it would be enough to fight a turnaround!

Wendy also said with some jealousy: “I didn’t expect someone to come, I don’t know what sh!t luck was, they met President Li”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard the front desk of the building shout: “Ms. Claire has a congratulatory gift!”

Immediately afterward, a rumbling sound came from outside.

Everyone walked out of the building together, looked up, and saw that the square of the building had been cleared, and a huge helicopter was slowly descending.

Immediately afterwards, the staff of the entire building became busy.

One flower basket after another, one gift after another, were moved from the helicopter to the door of Claire’s office.