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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 303 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 303 Start

Hearing what Charlie said, Harold smiled contemptuously, and said sarcastically: “Charlie, just pretend, you just know a few s*umbags, do you really think you are a big man? I really don’t believe you. Can the powerful person really come here!”

Wendy on the side could not help but snorted: “Charlie, this waste, is best at bragging. If there is no one to congratulate on the opening ceremony today, tomorrow this studio will become Aurous Hill’s laughing stock. I see how you will take orders!”

When Claire heard her, even though she didn’t say anything on the surface, she still couldn’t help but worry.

The opening ceremony, to put it bluntly, is a ceremony that embodies the network resources.

If there are many customers, it proves that the company has a strong network and strength can be reflected, especially if there are big people, then many people will be very face-off when they hear about this.

But if there is no customer, wouldn’t it be telling others that her company has no resources and no connections? How can anyone cooperate with this kind of company?

If Emgrand Group could send someone to participate in the opening today, it would have added a lot of brilliance to his company, but Claire was not sure whether Emgrand Group would take care of her.

Old Mrs. Willson said at this time: “Claire, this is about to be 10 o’clock, and there is no guest. I don’t think anyone has any interest in this small workshop. I advise you to return to the Willson Group to work. It’s better to help the Willson family steadily in the future than to come out and be cold-eyed.”

After knowing that Claire’s company was about to open, the Willson family also had exchanges with some of the partners who had good relationships before. After they knew that Claire was from the Willson family, they all said that they would not come to the opening ceremony. I will never cooperate with Claire’s studio in the future.

Therefore, Mrs. Willson dared to pack tickets, and there won’t be any capable guests here today.

At that time, Claire will naturally feel frustrated when she sees no one in her studio, and she will be able to handle her better in the future!

At this moment, Claire was indeed very anxious, biting her lower lip, worried.

Charlie, who was next to her, shook her hand and said seriously: “Wife, even if there is no guest today, what can be done? It is enough to have me here!”

Claire looked at him moved, and nodded lightly, feeling that he was more at ease.

However, the Old Mrs. Willson sneered: “Charlie, you take yourself too seriously, what use are you here? Can you find a big person to join Claire’s studio? Can you give Claire a favor? Is the studio looking for a cooperation order? Without the support of the Willson Group, you will sooner or later drive yourself to a dead end!

Charlie said arrogantly: “Claire’s company will definitely get better and better! Let alone a Willson Group that is on the verge of bankruptcy, even the Willson Group in its previous heyday is nothing in front of Claire. What’s the matter! Why is it difficult to surpass you at first?”

“What a big tone!”

The Old Mrs. Willson heard that Charlie actually said that the Willson Group was on the verge of bankruptcy, and also said that Claire could easily surpass the Willson Group in its heyday, feeling that the whole person was greatly insulted!

She angrily threw her crutches to the ground, and said: “You are just a rubbish who entered our Willson family, how dare you say anything here?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “You said I’m not ashamed? Ha ha, I’m just telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see!”

Harold sneered a few times and said, “Okay, Charlie, I’m waiting for you to become a big company.”

As time passed by, the time for karma was getting closer and closer.

Claire’s heart became more and more flustered, and he kept looking at his watch, staring outside blankly.

Seeing her situation, Charlie comforted a few words, but it had no effect.