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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3016 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3016 Start

Zhiyu said against her will: “If you have time, you can also take your wife and family to relax, otherwise the island will be idle.”

Charlie smiled and said, “I understand your good intentions. As for going or not, let’s talk about it later.”

Zhiyu nodded, and said: “Then I will go to the Maldives tomorrow to complete the transfer of ownership.

Then I will complete the establishment of the joint venture company with you.”

Charlie said: “Okay, there is no hurry for these two days. After all, there is still a lot of preparatory work.

Looking back, I will ask the person in charge of this business on my side to contact you.

In the future, the two of you will cooperate and operate this together business.”

“Okay!” she hurriedly said, “I will let you arrange everything.”

After talking with Zhiyu, Charlie asked Emi Ito to send her out of Shangri-La, while Charlie himself and Issac went to his office.

Issac answered the phone at this time, then walked to the front, and said:

“Master, the brokerage team at Miss Gu’s side has sent a confirmation letter and has booked 85 rooms in Shangri-La with more than 150 people. They are heck in tomorrow.”

Charlie asked curiously: “Is it the concert? She is coming to Aurous Hill?”

“Yes.” Issac said: “Miss Gu’s concert will be in three days. Her team will come to the venue tomorrow, rehearse the day after tomorrow, and perform the day after tomorrow.”

Charlie nodded and smiled: “Looking for the stars and the moon, I finally looked forward to her, but why didn’t this girl say hello to me?”

Issac smiled and said, “Maybe she wants to give you a surprise.”

Charlie waved his hand: “If she really wants to give me a surprise, she won’t set the hotel in Shangri-La.”

While speaking, he took out his mobile phone and said, “I’ll call her.”

Issac quit the office wittily, and Charlie got through Sara’s phone.

She answered the phone and asked with joy, “Charlie, why call me at this time?”

He smiled and said, “Is there anything wrong with calling you at this time?”

She smiled and said: “Of course there is no problem, but I am a little surprised to receive your call.

You don’t usually take the initiative to call me.”

Charlie said hurriedly, “Isn’t it because I heard Mr. Issac say that your team will come tomorrow? How about you? Will you come tomorrow?”