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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3013 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3013 Start

Although Zhiyu was very angry, remembering what Charlie had said, her tone eased a little, and she said:

“I’m currently in the Shangri-La meeting Ito Takehiko of the Ito family. The situation on my friend’s side is really not very good.

Clearly, but after I finish talking with Mr. Ito, I will try my best to intercede with Grace.”

After finishing speaking, Zhiyu warned solemnly: “Grandpa, I have to tell you something clearly. Grace has saved me twice, and also saved my mother and my brother.

He was kind to me and I revere that. In fact, in my heart, he is more important than you!”

Although Chengfeng was very upset, he did not dare to say anything at this time.

He knew that what she said was the truth. In her mind, he was not the grandfather who petted her, but a half enemy, so he was not surprised when she said this.

However, he was surprised by her clear-cut attitude. It seems that the acting style of his granddaughter has become more simple and rude.

Although he felt unhappy, he was relieved when she said she was willing to intercede for him as much as possible.

Immediately, he achieved his goal and did not continue to struggle too much on this issue.

He directly changed the subject and said: “By the way, Zhiyu, how is your talk going with Takehiko?

This guy has always wanted to cooperate with us before.

We rushed out of Asia and to the world together, but since the incident in Tokyo, it seems that he doesn’t have a good image of us anymore.”

“Yes.” Zhiyu said: “Mr. Ito’s attitude has indeed undergone some changes, but his mentality is understandable.

At the moment we are talking pretty well. After all, now is not what it used to be, and I have also lowered my expectations.

In some gestures, I intend to use the entire ocean shipping group to establish a new company with the Ito family.

At that time, the Ito family will hold 51% of the shares and I will hold 49%.

In this way, the fixed assets will be transferred to the new company name, and then the Su family assets will be transferred to the new company.

The cancellation of the ocean shipping group should be able to circumvent the previous restrictions and risks.”

Chengfeng was surprised when he heard this, but he did not feel very resistant.

He didn’t expect that she would really be able to reconnect with Ito Takehiko.