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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 30 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 30 Start

At the moment when Fred White’s voice just fell, a strong subordinate behind Orvel Hong immediately took a step forward, grabbed Fred White’s hair, and slapped him from left to right.

“You sh!t! You dare to scold Orvel Hong, are you the god?”

After finishing speaking, he grabbed Elaine again, slapped her with a loud slap, and cursed: “Smelly lady, dare to scold Orvel Hong, believe it or not, I will tear your mouth open!”


When these words came out, both Fred White and Elaine were struck by lightning!


The man in Thompson suit in front of them is actually the famous Orvel Hong of Aurous Hill? !

And they were insulting him recklessly just now?

Thinking of this, the faces of the two of them became extremely pale in an instant, cold sweat broke out on their bodies, and they were scared to death.

Fred White reacted the fastest. He thumped and knelt directly in front of Orvel Hong. While kowtowing, he cried and pleaded: “Fifth Lord, I was wrong. I apologize to you! I was blind and didn’t recognize you. , I opened my mouth to scold you! These d*mn old men and old ladies have nothing to do with me. Please, please spare my life!”

After he finished speaking, he knelt down, slapped himself and apologized again. He broke down and cried.

He really didn’t expect that the backing the boss of this scam company was actually the famous Orvel Hong of Aurous Hill!

Such a big man, let alone him, can’t afford to offend even with his whole family behind!

He regrets now and wants to die!

He just wanted to take this opportunity to offer Claire’s mother a courtesy, so that he has the opportunity to contact Claire.

Unexpectedly, before he got his wish, he would offend Orvel Hong to death!

If his father knew about this, he wouldn’t have to kill himself?

At this scene, the group of grandparents around was shocked.

They also expected Fred White to help him get the money back, but who would have thought that in the next second, he would kneel directly on the ground and apologize to the man in Thompson suit before him.

And Elaine, who was quite proud just now, but now she was slapped a few times, embarrassed like a dead dog.

Orvel Hong snorted coldly and said to the people around him: “Since this guy has such a cheap mouth, you will give him 10,000 slaps in turn. When will you slap him ten thousand times?”

Fred White was so frightened hearing the 10,000 slaps in the face, he thought he’d be beaten to death.

At this time, Orvel Hong’s men pointed to Elaine, who was beaten up and spread out, and blurted out, “Fifth Lord, what about this Lady Willson?”

Orvel Hong glanced at Elaine in disgust, and said lightly: “Ten thousand too!”

Elaine knelt on the ground with a frightened puff, and her whole body trembled violently. She was almost scared to death. She provokes Mr. Orvel, so can she still live?

At this moment, several of his subordinates stood up, some grabbed Fred White and some grabbed Elaine, and immediately prepared to move their hands.

Charlie has been watching this scene coldly in the crowd.

When he saw his mother-in-law being beaten, he didn’t want to intervene, because his mother-in-law has always been so cheap, it should be a lesson to her.

However, if Orvel Hong’s men slap her ten thousand times, if they don’t beat her to death, they will at least maim her. Then how can he explain to his wife?

It would be very painful for his wife too!

He felt that he had no choice but to manage.

Just when a brawny man stretched his arms and was about to draw a mark on Elaine’s old face fiercely, Charlie hurried forward and grabbed his wrist!