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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 297 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 297 Start

Gao Junwei was frightened at this time, but he almost wanted to kill in his heart.

He was beaten in his home convention and exhibition center, and he had to kneel down and apologize to the person who beat him. More importantly, he was beaten in front of Claire. This was the greatest humiliation he has encountered in life!

However, he couldn’t afford to provoke the Qin family, so he could only move his anger to Charlie in his heart.

He felt that it was Charlie the stinky silk that made him have to touch the car. As a result, he was beaten and embarrassed in front of Claire. This hatred must be reported by himself!

At this moment, Limo saw that he was still acquainted, so he said to the people around him: “Okay, don’t fight!”

The security guards of a group of cash transport companies gave up, but the security guards of the convention and exhibition center have been beaten and rolled all over the floor.

Charlie stood by, looking at Gao Junwei who was embarrassed on the ground with a scornful face, and asked with a smile: “Mr. Gao, it seems that these two cars, you really can’t even touch it!”

Gao Junwei hated the tickle of his teeth, but he didn’t expect that he would dare to provoke him, and he suddenly cursed with a gloomy expression: “Charlie, you made me ashamed today, I will definitely not forgive you!”

Charlie smiled and said, “What? Am I wrong?”

After speaking, Charlie asked Claire next to him again: “Wife, am I right?”

Claire was a little embarrassed at this time, just now Gao Junwei constantly ridiculed Charlie, she was indeed a little annoyed in her heart, but she did not expect things to turn into this.

The reason why she didn’t get angry with Gao Junwei just now was mainly because she wanted to talk about the cooperation of the exhibition center.

However, seeing Gao Junwei’s true appearance revealed, she also felt a little disgust in her heart, so she looked at him and said seriously: “Gao Junwei, this matter itself is your provocation first. It is you that conflicted with others and was beaten. What does it have to do with Charlie? I hope you can tell right from wrong and not trouble him!”

Gao Junwei noticed that Claire looked down on him a little, and was full of resentment. He stared at Charlie and gritted his teeth and said, “Smelly rag, you wait for me!”

Charlie looked at him in surprise: “What do you call me?”

Gao Junwei scolded angrily: “I call you Stinky pauper! Are you deaf?”

Juan, who was next to him, also added fuel and jealousy, and yelled, “Charlie, you son-in-law who eats soft rice, you are praised for asking you to hang silk.”

Charlie was not angry, and smiled and said, “You said that I am pauper, but you can’t even touch the sides of these two cars, and you were beaten by so many people. Who the h*ll is rag now?”

There was a burst of laughter from the crowd watching.

Gao Junwei’s face is extremely ugly, gritted his teeth and said: “It’s as if you can touch it. There is a kind of thing you can touch one and show me?”

When he said this, Gao Junwei was thinking of giving Charlie a stimulating method.

If he gets fooled and touches these two cars, he must be beaten violently.

If he is not fooled, just admitting the counsel in front of everyone, then he can save a little bit of face.

However, he didn’t expect Charlie to say calmly at this time: “What’s the point of a light touch? Would you like me to take a test drive to show you?”

“Hahaha!” Gao Jun sneered in a great voice: “Test drive? Your stinky rag is also worth of test drive of such an expensive car? You can touch the doorknob, I count you as winning today!”

Gao Junwei felt that Limo had so many people guarding here anyway, if Charlie wanted to touch it, he would definitely be beaten like himself!

Charlie smiled slightly, pointed to the Aston Martin one77 in front of him, and asked Claire: “My wife, do you want to take this car for a drive? If you want, I’ll take you there!”

Claire hurriedly pulled him and said in a low voice: “Charlie, don’t mess around, can’t you see Gao Junwei’s end?”

At this time, Gao Junwei struggled to stand up and sneered: “Charlie, what are you doing with her? Do you know how awesome this car is? There are only 77 cars in the world, and there is no market! Even my dad Hasn’t been in this car before, do you still want to ride in this car?”

Charlie shrugged and said: “It’s my own car, can’t I sit in it for a ride?”