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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 296 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 296 Start

“Mr. Qin, Mr. Gao Junwei from the Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center has to touch that Aston Martin one77. It is about to embroil into a fight now, what should I do?”

Qin Gang was shocked and blurted out: “That car was given to Mr. Wade! I don’t care about the tall and short young sons, except Mr. Wade, whoever dares to touch the car, let the security guard give him his hand!”

Limo hurriedly said: “Mr. Qin, Aurous Hill Convention, and Exhibition Center belongs to the Gao family. Isn’t it a bit too much to do this?”

“The Gao family is a bullsht?” Qin Gang shouted violently, “The Gao family is not even a bullsht in my eyes. I tell you, as long as the kid gets his finger on the car I bought, you better get out of Aurous Hill and never let me see you again!”

Qin Gang only got two magical medicines from Charlie yesterday. He didn’t fall asleep all night with excitement. Suddenly he heard that someone dared to touch the car he bought for Mr. Wade. Wasn’t this his mother looking for death?

The strength of the Gao family was far below that of the Qin family. What’s more, behind Qin Gang there was a big god-like Mr. Wade, the little Gao Junwei, he didn’t even see him as worthy of his worries.

Hearing this, Limo’s heart shuddered, and then looked up and found that Gao Junwei had already taken a few security guards, choking with the security guards hired by him!

Gao Junwei is still so arrogant and coldly said: “If you don’t get out of the way, I will let people do it!”

Limo’s hands were shaking in anger, d*mn, do you really treat these security guards as decorations? These are usually masters of escorting money transport trucks, how can you compare them to the security guards at the gates?

In addition, he had just received instructions from Qin Gang, and he was afraid that the two cars might have gone wrong, so he pointed to Gao Junwei and ordered the security guard he hired: “d*mn, give me something to face! We will fight! Fight fiercely! If he’s killed, President White will cover us!”

The security guard of the banknote transportation company could not bear Gao Junwei’s bad attitude for a long time. He was holding back his energy to teach him a lesson. Upon hearing Limo’s order, he was immediately beaten up. The headed security guard shouted: “You deserve this!”

After that, he slapped Gao Junwei’s face directly and cursed: “I wanted to hit you a long time ago, [email protected]!”

Gao Junwei was slapped with a slap in the face and stared to the roof, and shouted sternly, “This is the roof of my Gao family, you dare to hit me?”

“f*ck you uncle!” The veteran security guard immediately raised his foot and kicked Gao Junwei’s waist fiercely.

With this strong foot, he kicked Gao Junwei directly, clutching his stomach and rolling him on the ground.

The security guards of several other convention and exhibition centers were not rivals at all in front of the security of the cash transport company. After a while, they were all beaten up and down.

Juan rushed to Gao Junwei, protecting him, and angrily cursed: “You guys are looking for death, right? You are over! Dare to beat our Mr. Gao! The Gao family will not let you go!”

Limo said coldly: “The Gao family? Tell you, this car was bought by the owner of the Qin family! He said since your Gao family dares to ask for something, your mother who dares to fight doesn’t even know you!”

“Qin Family” Juan heard this, she was dumbfounded.

Gao Junwei was lying on the ground in pain, panic in his heart.

Qin family? !

The Qin family is in Aurous Hill, but it is a big family second only to the Song family!

Moreover, the relationship between the Qin family and the Song family seems to have always been good!

In contrast, the Gao family is nothing more than operating a convention and exhibition center, which is more than ten thousand miles away, how can it troubled the Qin family!

Gao Junwei ignored the whole body pain, and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I really didn’t know this is the car Qin bought. I’m sorry, I have no eyes.”