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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2949 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2949 Start

Charlie said: “I will arrive in about ten minutes. If they want to leave, you can help me hold them.”

Issac asked, “Master, where do you want to meet them? Would you like me to arrange security to take them to my office?”

Charlie said: “No, it will be a horror. Later, you will directly arrange for the waiter to use the universal room card to enter their room, flip through their things, and then take something away, and finally open the door. If they want to leave, you will let them know about the theft from the room and ask them to rush to the room to confirm the loss.”

Issac smiled and said, “Master, it’s better that you have more ideas… OK, I will arrange it! If you want to come and do this, it will definitely take ten minutes!”

At this moment, Dan drank the last half cup of coffee, wiped his mouth, and said to Mike: “Okay, let’s hurry up and go to Du’s house and follow Zhiyu nearby.”

Mike hurriedly asked him: “Grandpa, are we going to follow that woman? We are not good at stalking…”

Dan said: “Don’t worry about that. As long as you see her and find a way to get a piece of her hair, I can figure out her previous movement in Aurous Hill little by little, and I can find a way to find her recent and long time places.”

After a pause, Dan said again: “Didn’t she have been missing for a while, and she was seriously injured. She must have stayed with the mysterious person the Su family is looking for such a long time, so I just need to find her. For a long time, she has been very close to that mysterious man!”

Mike asked in surprise: “Grandpa, what are you talking about? Why is it so amazing?!”

Dan said earnestly: “These are the tracking methods in Qimen Dunjia. You should learn the I-Ching first. In the future, your grandfather and your father will naturally teach you the various methods of Qimen Dunjia.”

Mike nodded lightly, full of expectation in his heart.

So he hurriedly stuffed half of the sliced ​​bread into his mouth, and then said vaguely: “Okay, grandpa, let’s go!”

Dan nodded and just stood up, suddenly a waitress ran over and asked nervously, “Are you a guest in room 1003?”

Dan asked curiously: “I am, what’s wrong?”