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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2948 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2948 Start

At this point, Charlie made up his mind and went directly to Shangri-La to see this old man.

If he cooperates honestly, he will let this old man and his grandson leave China alive because he hasn’t done much evil and didn’t help the abuser.

But if they dare to help Cary and let him hurt anyone in Aurous Hill, then they will never return to the United States in this life!

Because of ghost rumors, Charlie didn’t let Claire drive to work by herself, but instead himself drove and dropped Claire at her place.

Claire originally didn’t want to trouble him, but after all, Elaine had spoken, she didn’t dare to object.

I have to say that since Elaine has suffered some big losses and been deceived, she is indeed more wary than before, and she knows that she cares about Claire’s safety.

Charlie sent her to the hotel under construction by the Emgrand Group, where construction is in full swing. Thousands of workers are here, so there will be no safety problems if they want to come.

When Claire was about to get out of the car, Charlie reminded: “My wife, don’t go home after getting off work alone at night. Whenever you are almost done, just call me and I will drive over to pick you up.”

Claire nodded, and said apologetically: “Then I might be late today.”

“It’s okay.” Charlie smiled slightly: “I will come to pick you up even if it is too late. Remember to call me in advance, lest you have to wait for me.”

“Okay!” Claire said with a sweet smile: “Then I will get out of the car now!”

After he bid farewell to Claire, he drove directly to Shangri-La.

On the way, he called Issac and asked him: “Mr. Issac, has Dan left Shangri-La?”

Issac hurriedly said: “Master, they are now having breakfast in the dining room. I think they have washed and dressed neatly. It is estimated that they will leave after the meal soon.”