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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2944 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2944 Start

At the same time, Dan and Mike were sitting worriedly in the Shangri-La Hotel room.

Mike hasn’t recovered from the shocking experience just now, and his mental state is very bad.

Dan also kept silent, holding a few copper coins in his hand, and tossing them on the table.

The hexagram represented by the copper coin is no longer what he can comprehend, which makes him a little confused.

The opportunity in the hexagram is always there, but the danger has never been eliminated, even the misty sense of the unknown is even stronger than before.

Unconsciously, the old gentleman’s mentality began to gradually change.

Originally, he felt that he had borrowed Chengfeng’s invitation to come to China to find opportunities and make some money along the way.

It doesn’t matter if the chance and money are not found, just as a trip back to the motherland.

Even if it’s dangerous, it’s probably because he is older, and his body may be unbearable.

At the same time, it is also easy to trigger some hidden diseases that are common in the elderly.

However, he never expected that this event would have developed into a new level, with unprecedented dangers for him and his grandson!

This man Cary year is too dangerous!

This kind of murderer is so fearsome in his eyes.

Even for him, killing has long been commonplace.

He was suddenly involved in this matter, and it really made him feel a strong sense of crisis, so that he began to reassess in his heart, to judge whether this matter is worthy of continuing to invest in or not.

He lived to such an old age, and he didn’t care about Chengfeng’s money, but he wanted to have Qinghua’s chance to be twenty years younger suddenly.