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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2942 Free Novel

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As soon as the phone was connected, he said politely: “Excuse me, Mr. Qinghua, I still have something else, and I want to ask you about it.”

Qinghua smiled and said, “Master you can ask anything, I’ll share if I know anything!”

Charlie asked, “I wonder if you have ever heard of a person whose name is Cary?”

“Cary?!” Qinghua’s voice suddenly increased by nearly an octave, blurting out: “How can Master have anything to do with this person?!”

Charlie frowned and asked, “Mr. Qinghua, do you know him?”

The old man replied truthfully: “I can’t talk about knowing him, but this person has long been notorious. Basically, he is known in the feng shui metaphysics circles overseas.”

“Oh?” Charlie asked curiously: “What is this person’s background?”

Qinghua said: “He is one of Rocco’s three true disciples!”

Charlie frowned: “Rocco? Who is this person?”

Qinghua explained: “About forty years ago, there was a well-known Feng Shui metaphysics master named Rocco in Hong Kong.”

“No one knows where he came from, only knowing that as soon as he made his debut, with his talents, he gained a firm foothold in this area.”

“After that, he started to establish schools and collect disciples. For a while, he was in the limelight. Many Hong Kong rich and underworld brothers were his disciples…”

“I have met this person several times, and I have drunk wine and talked with him about the ancient and modern times, so I know him better. This person is very good. Not only is he good at ventilation and water mystery, but he is also proficient in the mysticism of Gu technique, and he is very capable. Got all the in’s and outs!”

“It’s not like our feng shui master, who only knows the techniques of feng shui mystery and I-Ching, but not proficient in gu techniques and the killing methods such as lowering the head.”

Qinghua said this, and went on to say: “This Cary went to Rocco about thirty years ago. I met him when I visited Rocco at that time in the city.”