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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2941 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2941 Start

Issac realized that the matter might be a bit serious, and hurriedly arranged for his subordinates to follow the vines.

The monitoring at the entrance of Shangri-La is very complete, and it can be said that there is no dead angle coverage in 360 degrees.

So his men quickly found the license plate number of the taxi through surveillance video.

Immediately afterward, they immediately found the taxi that was pulling work in the urban area through the city’s taxi positioning system.

In order to form an absolute deterrent to the taxi driver, Issac specially transferred Abner from Orvel, and asked him to come forward and talk to the taxi driver.

The taxi driver didn’t expect that he would have alarmed the four heavenly kings under Orvel’s hands. At the same time, he was shocked and frightened, and immediately retold all the things he could remember, one fifty and ten.

Dan and Mike, the grandparent and grandson, talked about this Cary on the way to Phoenix Mountain.

At that time, the two didn’t care too much about the taxi driver, after all, they didn’t talk about anything that was prohibited or sensitive.

And they also felt that a taxi driver could not have anything to do with the Su family and the Master Cary.

But they didn’t even dream that Charlie found the driver along the way.

Therefore, the driver told Abner that the two people in the car, one old and one young, talked about Cary all the way. He said that one was talking about going to Phoenix Mountain to meet the person named Cary, and he also said something about metaphysics. People don’t understand things, so the driver doesn’t take it too seriously.

When these words reached Charlie’s ears, he first hit a question mark in his mind.


“I’ve been in Aurous Hill for so long. I haven’t heard of this person before. Could it be that he also came from outside?”

Thinking of this, he called Qinghua again.