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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 294 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 294 Start

Gao Junwei stepped away from the crowd in front of the car at this time. Then he went to the security guard and said: “Hey there, I am the deputy general manager of the Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center. I would like to appreciate these two cars?”

“No!” One of the security guards who joined the cash transport company after retiring from the army said very firmly at this time: “Our leader has an order, except for the owner of the car, no one is allowed to approach!”

Gao Junwei’s face couldn’t hold back.

d*mn, I really can’t touch it?

This is too shameless, right? You know this is our showroom!

If I can’t touch these two cars, isn’t it really the same as Charlie’s the stinky rag? !

No, he can’t lose the face if he says anything!

Gao Junwei suppressed the irritation in his heart and said to the security guard in a good voice: “Man, I am also a car lover. Give me convenience. I will not treat you badly in the future.”

After all, the security guard is a veteran with an upright personality, so he sternly refused: “This sir, I will tell you again, if you are not the owner of the car, you are never allowed to approach this car for half a step!”

Seeing that the other party always doesn’t give him face, Gao Junwei immediately became anxious, and gritted his teeth, and threatened: “The entire exhibition center belongs to my house. You, a security guard, dare to confront me, don’t you want to get mixed up?”

The other party said lightly: “I’m sorry, I’m the security guard of Ultimate Banknote Company, not the security guard of Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center. Even if you are the boss of Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center, you have no right to control me!”

“You!” Gao Junwei became angry from embarrassment and said: “You are shameless!”

After that, Gao Junwei immediately yelled: “Believe it or not, I will let you get out of my convention and exhibition center now?”

The other side said blankly: “We have signed a contract with your stadium, and we rented this place today, so you have no right to let me out. Moreover, my job is to protect this car. Do you have any other opinions? You can talk to our leader.”

Charlie walked up to Gao Junwei at this time and smiled and asked, “Oh, Mr. Gao, what’s the matter? Is it because people don’t let you touch it like this? Hey, it’s a shame!”

Gao Junwei glared at Charlie, then glanced at Claire again, blushing like a monkey butt0cks.

He uttered a rant, but now the other security guard really doesn’t give him a bit of face, and he doesn’t even give him the opportunity to touch these two cars. It’s simply a shame!

Seeing Gao Junwei’s frustration, Juan couldn’t help but help him return to Charlie and said, “What are you so stinky with us? Believe it or not, I’ll let the security guard drive you out?”

At this time, a reporter holding a camera said to Gao Junwei: “Hey friend, if people don’t let you touch the cars, please don’t mess around here, we are all affected by you when we take pictures.”

Others also echoed: “Yes, it is such an expensive car, do you think it is easy to touch? Just look at it!”

“I think he just wants to touch it, take a picture and send it to Moments! I have seen a lot of such vain d*cks!”

Gao Junwei’s expression became extremely ugly. If he couldn’t go over and touch these two cars, wouldn’t he, like Charlie, become a stinky thread in everyone’s eyes?

Thinking of this, he darkened his face and said to the security guard: “I’ll give you thirty seconds. If you still block my way, I will drive all of your people and cars out, and you won’t have to do any car shows anymore at my place. Done!”