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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2934 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2934 Start

Dan looked at the stiff back of the security guard, and said lightly: “This person has died a long time ago, but he is just a puppet.”

“Really dead?!” Mike was frightened when he heard this, and said nervously: “This…isn’t this the zombie in the movie?!”

“No!” Dan waved his hand and said seriously: “This is the end of the Gu-Worm. Now he is not driven by his own consciousness, but driven by the Gu-Worm.”

“Gu-Worm?!” Mike asked dumbfounded: “What is the principle of that thing?!”

Dan said earnestly: “There is no principle, it’s just a kind of fierce metaphysical mystery. Gu-Worm, the lower level, is to raise a bunch of poisonous insects to kill each other, and the one who survives is Gu-Worm. But that kind of Gu technique is relatively low-end, similar to raising a poisonous snake or raising a wolf dog to bite people. It doesn’t have much technical content.”

At this point, Dan changed the conversation and said: “But the really powerful masters use Gu-Worm that normal people have never heard of and have never seen. Those Gu-Worm may not even be known to top biologists!”

“Many have long been extinct in nature, only secretly passed down in the cultivating Gu school.”

“The kind of Gu-Worm can fly to the sky and escape everything, and can still be controlled by the mind of the cultivator!”

“I think this security guard was killed by a master. He came to greet us to enter, and he must follow the master’s orders.”

Mike asked palely: “Gu keepers can control Gu-Worm with their own thoughts, and then use them to manipulate other people’s corpses? This… is this too outrageous?!”

“Is it outrageous?” Dan said, “Doesn’t the West also have telepathy between twins and mother and child? Mind is regarded as a feudal superstition in the people, but it is famous in the field of science. There is a certain scientific basis for quantum entanglement.”

Mike nodded lightly, and said, “If you say that, it’s like a quantum entanglement effect between the person who raises Gu and the Gu-Worm he raises?”

Dan said: “You can also understand that. As far as I know, this kind of Gu-Worms are usually hatched in the blood of the Gu cultivator when they were still eggs. Therefore, it is compatible with the Gu cultivator’s blood. From the very beginning, a blood connection is established between the two.”

“Moreover, this kind of Gu-Worm only feeds on the blood of the Gu cultivator in the year before it hatches. This is also to continuously strengthen its connection with the Gu cultivator, just like a baby is born and fed with breast milk of the mother.”

“And then?!” Mike’s curiosity has gradually overcome his fear, and he can’t wait to learn more.

Dan continued: “During the period of feeding Gu-Worms, the Gu cultivators have already started training them.

As for how to train, these are the secrets that are not passed on in each faction.

I have no way of knowing. Knowing that after they wait for the Gu-Worm to reach adulthood, they will take these to do evil everywhere. The way to do evil is to let the Gu-Worm kill for them, and once the Gu-Worm start to kill people, they will almost never stop until the Gu-Worm naturally age and die.”

Mike widened his eyes and blurted out, “Killing constantly? What if there is no enemy? Is it possible to kill innocent people?”



Dan said: “Because Gu-Worm no longer feeds on the blood of the Gu cultivator after they reach adulthood. If you want Gu-Worm to survive, you must keep killing for them.”

“Huh?” Mike asked, “Do Gu-Worms eat human flesh when they grow up?”

Dan shook his head and spit out three words: “Eat people’s brains!”

When Mike heard the three words, he felt retching, and he blurted out: “Eating human brains?! This…vomit…this is too disgusting…”

Dan nodded and said, “Look at the security guard just now, how do you think Gu can control his corpse?”

Mike shook his head and said: “I…I don’t know…I feel this is incredible, or it can be said that this is not scientific, nor is it like urban gossip. Although everything seems mysterious, after mastering the essence, you will find everything. In fact, there are all traces to follow…”