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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2932 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2932 Start

At this moment.

Dan and Mike took a taxi together to a cemetery outside Aurous Hill.

Taking a taxi to the cemetery at night, the taxi driver was originally unwilling 10,000 times, but Dan gave a high price of 1,000 yuan, and the driver could only rush there with his teeth.

On the way, Mike couldn’t help asking Dan: “Grandpa, why did Master Cary let us go to Phoenix Mountain Cemetery to see him at night? Isn’t this person sick?”

Dan waved his hand immediately and said seriously: “Don’t talk nonsense, this Cary is not an ordinary person. We can’t afford to offend him. He chose to meet in the cemetery. There must be his reason. You will see him later, except for what he should have. Don’t say anything outside of politeness, lest you make too many words, understand?”

Mike asked in a puzzled way: “Grandpa, why should we treat him so respectfully? We have our mission. It’s not enough to concentrate on our mission. Why meet him?”

Dan said earnestly: “I told Mr. Chengfeng a long time ago that there must be a hidden great man in Aurous Hill, but he still wants to start with that man. Cary came this time to help him solve this matter.”

After that, Dan said again: “I have heard about this person Cary, this person is very evil, and he has a lot of metaphysics tricks, which is not something we can afford.”

Mike asked nervously, “Grandpa, what does he want to do when he invites us to meet this time?”

Dan whispered: “I guess he wants to get some clues from us.”

Mike nodded lightly, and said without a bottom: “But we haven’t found any valuable clues in the past few days. What if the Su family is to blame us through this man?

Dan sighed and said, “I am really sloppy when I come to Aurous Hill this time. Knowing that this place is unfathomable, I still rushed all the way. The main reason is that I always think about the coexistence of opportunities and dangers, but I ignore that opportunity itself is very important. Difficult to grasp…”

He said, “Now that Cary has come to Aurous Hill, things may be more variable. If the situation is not clear, we will go back to the United States, and all the money given by the Su family will be returned to them.”

Twenty minutes later.

The taxi stopped in front of the largest Phoenix Mountain Cemetery in the suburbs of Aurous Hill City.

The cemetery here occupies a few nearby hills and has a huge area. Usually, many people come to worship during the day, but at night, you can’t even see a dog.

After the taxi took the grandfather and grandson to the gate of the cemetery, the accelerator slammed far away.