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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2925 Free Novel

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Meiqing didn’t doubt what Watt said, and she nodded and smiled lightly, “It’s a coincidence. I also said that I would call you back and talk about college training for senior citizens.

I don’t know if you’re busy with your recent school tasks?”

Pollard hurriedly said: “Hurt! No matter how busy I am, I can spare time to help our senior college students improve their studies.”

Melba on the side was surprised when she saw her father’s diligent and excited look.

She originally thought that her father was the kind of person who had no interest in life, and she was afraid that he would never find another half.

However, when she saw her father staring at the aunt in front of her, she suddenly realized that it turned out that father also had the day when the old tree bloomed.

So, she couldn’t help but look at Meiqing a few more times, and she couldn’t help sighing: “This aunt has excellent looks and temperament. It is the first time I have seen this woman in middle-aged and among the elderly people. Dad’s vision is really good…”

Meiqing also noticed that there was a young and beautiful girl who had been looking at her, so she couldn’t help but look at her too. Seeing that the girl’s eyebrows were actually like Pollard, she couldn’t help asking: “Oh, Mr. Watt, isn’t this your daughter?!”

Pollard just remembered that he didn’t even introduce his precious girl to Meiqing.

So he hurriedly said to her: “Meiqing, let me introduce her to you. This is my rebellious little girl, Melba.”

“Oh!” Meiqing couldn’t help exclaiming: “It’s really your girl! She looks so beautiful!”

Melba smiled and said, “Auntie, you have won the prize.”

At this time, Pollard said to Melba: “Melba, this is Aunt Meiqing. She has just returned from the United States and has been living in the United States before.”

“Really?” Melba’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

She didn’t think there was anything great about returning from the United States, but felt that the experience of this aunt and her father were so similar that the two must have a lot of common language.

Meiqing nodded at this time and said: “I went to the United States after graduating from college. Some time ago after my husband passed away, I returned to this city with my son to settle down.”