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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2921 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2921 Start

Charlie received the news feed while drinking.

After a quick glance, even the writer of the news expressed deep disappointment.

They said that Zhiyu gave up the opportunity to seek justice for herself and her mother.

Of course, some netizens think that there must be a conspiracy in all this, and it must be Chengfeng who used some method to force her into submission.

However, because Zhiyu herself did not speak clearly, similar remarks and other opinions are diverse, and no one has the upper hand.

However, Charlie was very clear in his heart.

Zhiyu is a very smart girl, and her personality is extraordinary.

If she voluntarily gave up this opportunity, it was definitely not that she was afraid of her murderous grandfather.

She must have borrowed this opportunity in exchange for other compensation from him.

Issac, who was sitting next to Charlie, also received this news feed.

With a look of surprise on his face, he handed the phone to Charlie and whispered: “Master, look at this…”

Charlie nodded: “I just saw it.”

Issac was very puzzled and asked, “I say, why didn’t Miss Su take this opportunity to give Chengfeng a big shot?

Her live broadcast today was watched by tens of millions of people on multiple platforms.

Giving her the best chance to make a full blow. After today, there will be no such shop in this village.”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Don’t be too surprised, she must have her consideration.”